MBA week one: international, interactive, intense!
MBA / 16 October, 2014
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Programme Director MBA, Professor of Economics

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We are just wrapping up the first week of the Full-Time MBA programme here at Frankfurt School, and our students are off to a great start. As the MBA Programme Director, I got to know everyone in the class during the admission process, particularly during the Assessment Centre interviews. But what a delight it is to see everyone finally come together on campus to embark on their 15-month MBA journey.


For me, one of the most exciting features of our current MBA cohort is how internationally diverse it is. At the MBA Opening Day last Friday, the room was filled with the sounds of Mandarin, Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German and, of course, English – the programme’s language of instruction.
Experienced professionals from 17 different countries chose to join our programme, and I believe this will add an invaluable dimension to the case-study assignments they will be working on in class. There’s no better way to prepare for a management career in today’s globalised world than to exchange ideas and perspectives with peers from around the world.


Immediately following the MBA Opening Day, I accompanied the class to an off-site Leadership Camp. We enjoyed an action-packed weekend of team-building games, problem-solving experiments, communication exercises, and more. It was great to see everyone learning new skills and identifying lessons that will aid them in the coming months. Each activity involved close interaction and cooperation. These experiences will certainly come in handy as, thanks to our MBA’s small cohort size, our students will have countless opportunities to collaborate with and learn from each other throughout their studies.


It’s not all fun and games here, though! The academic curriculum kicked off on Monday with a block week of lectures led by Professor Rita Biswas, a visiting professor from the US. She is teaching the module Managerial Finance, in which students learn about this function and its role within the business organisation. The have also been exploring the relationship of managerial finance to business economics and financial accounting, focussing on the tools for sound financial decision making.

What’s next?

After this week, the MBA programme resumes its regular schedule of academic courses Thursdays – Saturdays. Mondays – Wednesdays will be devoted to language instruction and career development training.
The career development work starts off with an individual KODE® (Kompetenz-Diagnostik und Entwicklung) assessment session with a professional trainer. The initial meeting at the beginning of the MBA curriculum will help students identify their areas of personal, knowledge-based, functional, and social competency. This information will be invaluable for the students themselves – as well as for our Career Services team, who will create a bespoke career development programme for each MBA student
Looking forward to the next 15 months!