Experiencing the heartbeat of the world
Study / 3 March, 2016
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MiM class of 2016
Viktoria is a MiM Student and currently studying abroad at Columbia in NYC.

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After completing my Bachelor degree, I decided to stay at Frankfurt School and pursue my Masters in Management (MiM) Degree for two reasons. First, I knew I wanted to shift my focus towards Manufacturing and second I knew I wanted to study abroad again and with Frankfurt School I had a variety of options. FS does not only offer a broad spectrum of partner universities around the globe, but also supports us in our decision to study at non-partner universities.

After attending an American High School in Colorado and spending my fifth semester at Emory University, one of our partner Universities in Atlanta, I knew I wanted to see more of this diverse country, but also challenge myself further academically. So I picked a couple of universities and among my favorites where UC Berkley and Columbia University in the City of New York. Finally, I decided for Columbia because it is one of the oldest and most prestigious Universities in the US and belongs to the Ivy League. Furthermore, Columbia’s campus is located in Manhattan right above Central Park, an advantage over most universities that are located in the suburbs.

Moreover, Columbia Campus is full of tradition with its buildings from more than a century ago; a total contrast to our new, modern Campus in Frankfurt and the main reason I opted for Columbia University.
Alma Mater
Having lived and studied here at Columbia for two months now everything is finally settled and midterms are already around the corner. As a visiting student, I have to take full credits, meaning I have to take a full workload consisting of four classes. Unfortunately, Columbia only allows Visiting Students to take one MBA course per semester, however most courses offered at the Business School are also offered by other schools on campus. Nevertheless, the variety of courses at Columbia is obviously much more diverse than at Frankfurt School, so you even get the chance to take classes outside of your area of studies (if you want to). Although the level of studies is comparable to Frankfurt School the workload here is much higher in general, as classes are more of a recap of your studies at home. But nonetheless, you are in New York, which provides you with a lot of opportunities for field trips and the like, which is how I ended up zipping cocktails in a hotel bar in SoHo with my MBA class.

Obviously, New York is one of the pricier destinations to study abroad, but if you are up for a beer among your peers, the Columbia neighborhood offers a couple of student bars, which is very convenient for Thursday nights, and you will always bump into someone you know. Moreover, you can go downtown where you will find everything you might be looking for in terms of entertainment, from clubs to roof top bars, and as the Metro runs all-night you are never in a rush to get home. Most of the times you will end up taking an Uber, Lyft or any other ride share anyways.
Skyline hell 1
Also during the day there is a million things you can do in NYC and time is passing so fast you do not even get the chance to do them all. But then again also the simple things like a stroll around the promenade in Brooklyn walking back across Brooklyn Bridge or taking the free Staten Island ferry reminds you how awesome this city actually is. With Columbia being located right at the end of Central Park, it is also very convenient to take the 10 min walk and just enjoy the ambiance there.

Last but not least, studying abroad is always an unforgettable memory no matter where you go.  Nevertheless, New York City is the City that never sleeps and probably one of the most exciting and diverse places I have lived in and visited. Go to Columbia if you want the historic environment and flair but the heartbeat of the world!