MSc in Applied data science at Frankfurt School
AI & Data Science / 29 March 2018
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Nils Stieglitz teaches strategic management and organisation design. His research is mainly concerned with strategic decision-making, managerial risk-taking, and organisational learning. He has published in Strategic Management Journal, Advances in Strategic Management, Journal of Socio-Economics, and Journal of Development Studies and his research is forthcoming in the Organisation Science and Strategic Management Journal.

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We live in amazing times. Intelligence no longer resides in human brains only. Machine Learning, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence profoundly change the playing fields in finance, management and eventually in life. Today we are witnessing the fourth industrial revolution and evidently AI is already developing business. For example, I was personally struck by the 2016 AlphaGo competition. Five rounds of Go, an abstract strategy board game, between Lee Sedol, 18-time world champion, and a computer. The computer won 4 out of 5 games, demonstrating the ability to use creative strategies. What was unthinkable of a decade or two ago is shaping a new reality. With such abilities AI is going to change our working environment, the jobs we offer and the skills we require.

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management takes charge:
The Master in Applied Data Science represents one of Frankfurt School’s answers to the revolution of AI, developing individuals who aspire to integrate technology and business. 

This new Master program will enable Frankfurt School to leverage our existing capabilities through the excellent faculty working at the intersection of AI with management and finance, allowing more exposure to the fields. As well as this, we are growing and improving our IT resources and learning platforms, delivering a truly interactive learning experience that seamlessly provides our students with a combination of digital content and hands-on learning. Frankfurt School is prepared for the changes of the business landscape and is readily adapting to the needs of current and future employees and students. Finally, the Master in Applied Data Science will increase diversity within our business school by closely collaborating with new and leading players in artificial intelligence. For example, we are working together with Innoplexus, an innovative and fast-growing international company using machine learning and AI to solve the toughest problems from curing cancer to predictive analytics.

We welcome applicants from a range of backgrounds, meaning that you do not require a specific Bachelor degree, rather a specific passion to utilize and develop your strong quantitative skills. Our students are tech savvy, not afraid of Greek (math), and have a passion for solving business problems. The Master in Applied Data Science at Frankfurt School produces graduates who do not only have a deep understanding of technology and the ability to extract, analyze and communicate data, but who are able to apply these skills to a business context.

I very much look forward to teaching in the Master in Applied Data Science program and engaging with the next generation of data scientists; gathering and developing their thoughts and ideas on strategy, new business models, and the potential and limitation of AI moving forward. Personally, all my research has been on organizational learning and on exploration and exploitation – which also happens to be a key topic in machine learning! For me, it is exciting to be able to teach a formal course on strategy and to examine the potential and limitation of data science and machine learning for businesses of the future.