How much do you know about our alumni services?
Alumni / 24 July, 2015
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Head of Student, Career & Alumni Relations
Elisa is responsible for student and alumni relations at Frankfurt School. She studied in the Uni Maastricht and LMU Munich before gaining her Doctorate at Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen.

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At Frankfurt School we strive to keep in contact with our alumni and regard them as friends, patrons and ambassadors. We enable alumni and students to develop trusting relationships and friendships both among each other and with Frankfurt School faculty and staff. They can exchange information regarding careers and enhance their professional and private network. We provide the infrastructure and organise events to facilitate various contact opportunities.
Alumni take part in recruiting events on campus and get to know students as potential interns, trainees or colleagues for their companies. They benefit from staying in touch with Frankfurt School and current research findings.

FS Events
FS Alumni & Friends events take place in major German cities (e.g. Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt) and around the globe (e.g. New York, London, Zurich, Singapore, Shanghai). They include guest lectures in most cases given by Frankfurt School faculty as well as more informal gatherings such as after work sessions, guided tours, cultural activities or BBQs. Students are included in our Alumni & Friends Community and, thus, invited to these events.
Additional events that offer opportunities to meet other alumni include FS Reunions; FS Refresh; FS Dialogue events; FS Tax & Law Talk as well as programme specific FS alumni events.

FS Info & Networking
After graduation, the FS Online Campus remains the virtual home for Frankfurt School alumni. Here, they can register for events and find information on past and upcoming ones. In the FS Alumni Directory, they can update personal data or simply synchronise Xing or LinkedIn profiles. Frankfurt School also has FS Xing and LinkedIn alumni Groups . The FS Alumni Newsletter sums up Frankfurt School news, features alumni portraits and announces upcoming public as well as alumni events.

FS Careers and Continuing Education (in cooperation with Career Services)
Frankfurt School’s alumni team and Career Services (CaS) offer several event series and services for our alumni, e.g. a mentoring programmefor Bachelors students, where alumni act as mentors; the “Ladies First” event series for alumnae and female students; FS Entrepreneurs where FS alumni offer first-hand insights from their entrepreneurial experiences. Also, FS CaS offers a platform for alumni to post job offers and reach out to FS students seeking jobs.

Alumni Associations at Frankfurt School
A corner stone to all of our activities are our two independent alumni associations. We work proactively to support these communities in order to foster a proactive, self-managed community:

FS Alumni Development
FS Alumni & Friends support Frankfurt School and show pride in their alma mater in various ways, e.g. FS alumni regularly sponsor so called ‘Deutschlandstipendien’ for new students; they donate money for Frankfurt School’s New Campus and have their names put up on the Donor Wall; they support research projects and come back to campus as observers for FS assessment centres, as mentors or speakers and they help to organize events abroad. Such FS alumni engagement is crucial to keep the community lively and growing. It is greatly appreciated!

We’re looking forward to meet you and keep in touch after your graduation. Please feel free to get in touch whenever you have a question regarding FS alumni relations.