Reflections from my experience at the Sant'Anna Business Game 2023
Masters / 19 January 2024
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Master in Management Class of 2024
Sachin is studying in the Master in Management programme, specialising in Global Strategy at Frankfurt School. He is currently working at Société Générale Corporate Investment Banking in the Finance Department. Sachin also serves as an elected member of Frankfurt School Student Council.

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The Sant’Anna Business Game is a prestigious event that beckons the brightest minds from renowned universities globally and becomes the stage for an unforgettable adventure. We, Eshaan Kaul from the Master of Finance programme and Nabarun Ray and Sachin Baid from the Master in Management programme, had the honour of representing Frankfurt School at the Sant’Anna Business Game 2023. Hosted on the historic grounds of the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa on 24 and 25 November, it was an enriching experience steeped in the diversity of thoughts and strategies from peers around the world.

A melting pot of minds

The historic campus of the university in Pisa, with its blend of ancient charm and modern vibrancy, set the perfect stage for a gathering of intellects from around the globe. This convergence of cultures, ideas and perspectives was a central highlight of the event. Conversations with participants from different countries broadened our understanding of global business trends and strategies, enriching our professional and personal perspectives. These interactions, ranging from academic discussions to casual chats during breaks, not only expanded our network but also fostered lasting friendships.

Tense beginnings and strategic thrills

The representatives from Bain & Company skilfully opened the two-day event. The atmosphere was electric as the first case study by Bain & Company commenced. Tasked with revitalising a French cable TV operator to compete against the rise of digital streaming services, our team harnessed our collective strengths. My focus was on the financial aspects, utilising my expertise in finance and Excel to forecast and analyse different cost scenarios.

The challenge let us deep dive into the various arms of consulting and global operations, which was not only informative but also inspiring. It provided us with a real-world glimpse into the strategic challenges businesses face today.

Then, we faced an exhilarating challenge presented by Generali: to devise innovative IoT technologies aimed at predicting and preventing climate change disasters in Italy. This task emphasised the crucial role of cutting-edge tech in environmental stewardship. Our approach combined creativity and advanced IoT solutions to address the frequent floods caused by climate change, particularly focusing on Italian landscapes.

On the second day, we delved into the EELISA university’s captivating challenge: developing innovative solutions to transform their platform into EELISA 2.0, which aims to revolutionise the way researchers and innovators network and collaborate, setting a new standard for joint-collaborative research. It’s a vivid testament to how technology and human ingenuity can intertwine to foster groundbreaking academic and scientific partnerships.

The architectural awe

Nestled in the heart of Pisa, a city renowned for its architectural marvels, we had the opportunity to explore the architectural wonders of Pisa, including the world-famous Leaning Tower. Visiting the Leaning Tower and the nearby Pisa Cathedral was a highlight of our trip, offering us a tangible connection to the centuries of history that shape this vibrant city. Each moment spent in Pisa, from the historical halls of Sant’Anna to the shadow of the leaning tower, deeply enriched our experience, making it not just an academic journey but a journey through time and art.


The Sant’Anna Business Game 2023 was a remarkable fusion of intellectual challenge and cultural diversity, transcending the typical academic competition. It was a platform for growth, learning and forging invaluable connections. The event not only honed our professional skills but also enriched our personal perspectives, leaving us with lasting memories and a deeper understanding of global business dynamics. This experience emphasised the importance of innovative thinking and teamwork in today’s fast-paced world. We return not just with enhanced knowledge but with friendships and insights that will guide our future careers.

Looking forward

For anyone considering participating in such events, I wholeheartedly recommend it. The Sant’Anna Business Game is not just about winning; it’s about growing, learning and connecting. I’m grateful for this experience and look forward to what the future holds.




Eshaan Kaul
Master of Finance Class of 2024



Eshaan is completing his Master of Finance degree at Frankfurt School and has already gained some practical experience in Portfolio Management and Financial Accounting during his professional stints in Frankfurt. Before joining Frankfurt School, he completed a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and worked as an ESG consultant for an emissions advisory firm in India.


Nabarun Ray
Master in Management Class of 2024



Nabarun is completing his Master of Management degree at Frankfurt School and has already gained practical experience as a Business Analyst. Before that, he completed his Bachelor’s programme in Electrical Engineering.