My journey from mechanical engineering to an MBA at FS
Part-time MBA / 2 September 2022
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Part-Time MBA Class of 2023
Miguel is currently studying for the Part-time MBA programme while simultaneously working at Airbus Defence and Space. Before joining the programme, he worked at the OES Brose in the automotive industry as a quality engineer and technical assistant to the SVP of Quality.

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After studying mechanical engineering in Munich and Darmstadt, I was offered to join Brose’s central quality team, a German Original Equipment Supplier (OES) in the automotive sector, via their trainee programme. Early on, I was given significant insights into the inner workings of an internationally operating firm. I was also able to steer projects actively and even support an extensive transformational programme. I was fortunate enough to get the chance to work very closely with senior management – my SVP and the Executive team.

What motivated me to enrol in a Part-time MBA programme

Through my experience and exposure, I became motivated and dedicated to developing myself further from a professional and academic perspective. The dilemma I was facing was the fact that I did not want to stop working to focus exclusively on the academic part of it. Hence, I needed a programme that would offer me the opportunity to do both at the same time. After reviewing multiple programs globally, I came across Frankfurt School’s Part-time MBA programme. The programme allows me to find the right balance between academics and work. I was also impressed by the diversity of backgrounds of the previous MBA classes and the variety of courses offered in the core curriculum and elective structure. After being accepted to the programme, I decided to challenge myself further by switching jobs and industries. Therefore, 21 October 2021 marked a major personal transformational milestone for me. Not only did I start my MBA journey, but it was also my first official day at Airbus’ CyberSecurity division.

My MBA journey so far

Before starting my journey(s), I had some doubts, driven by the fact that I was not following the traditional path of my engineering profession as many of my former fellow students had. In addition, I was afraid, due to COVID-19, of spending most of my MBA journey sitting behind a screen trying to follow classes. And last but not least, there was this puzzle of an engineer dealing with accounting and balance sheets.

But, as with most worries and fears, taking things head-on has proven right. Regarding engineering, I was delighted to find out that my Class of 2023 had multiple engineers from diverse backgrounds and many other exciting people with just as many interesting professions. Not only the camaraderie between the students but also the professors and lecturers, with their diverse backgrounds, helped me through this process. Also, the pandemic was no genuine hurdle; Frankfurt School ensured that we could still go to class safely and still does to this day. Finally, Accounting and other finance classes, as with the other worries, it was not as bad as initially feared; quite the contrary. Surprisingly, modules like Corporate Finance and Economics have been very engaging, and I am still learning. Overall, the experience at Frankfurt School and the professors and their classes have been outstanding. 

FS life-long-learning experience and my takeaway

I am convinced that joining Frankfurt School for my MBA was the right choice. I wanted to provide a glimpse of what I have been able to take away from the programme thus far. In my opinion, one of the important aspects, if not the most, of the MBA programme has been my fellow students. Frankfurt School enables strong bonds right from the get-go, and I am convinced that most of us will stay connected long after the MBA. After all, you are spending a lot of your “free” time with your fellow students, whether in the classroom or afterwards.

Furthermore, I am amazed by how engaging the classes are; they could not be further away from what I was used to in my first studies. Frankfurt School’s way of engaging is fantastic, as they offer Executive Talks, Receptions, Alumni Events, and many other activities. As a student or former student of Frankfurt School, you are part of a community that is always there to engage or support you. Thanks for the fantastic experience, the incredible network, and the life-long learning approach you are providing.