My key take-aways from career workshops and individual counselling
Career Services / 12 July 2021
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Full-time MBA Class of 2021
Sascha is currently doing his full-time MBA at Frankfurt School. He has a political background and previously worked as a policy advisor in the European Parliament in Brussels and Strasbourg in the field of economics and finance as well as trade policy.

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Enhancing skills for future career success

As part of the one-year MBA full-time programme, Frankfurt School offers its students numerous opportunities through skill courses and Career Services workshops to develop knowledge and skills relevant to the job market, to make interesting contacts or to be inspired by first-class speakers from professional practice.

Right from the start, I tried to attend as many of these voluntary courses as possible in addition to the normal curriculum, as I am convinced that the need for ongoing training to adapt to the rapidly changing working conditions continues to grow. Regular learning and improving knowledge, as well as individual skills, will play an even more important role not only due to new technological developments. The half-life of knowledge will – in almost all professions – dramatically decrease while at the same time, companies have to constantly look around for new business areas. In this environment, further training is a prerequisite for adapting one’s own qualifications to structural change in the economy and technical progress in order to enable professional mobility and advancement.

Gain new insights through a wide range of skill courses and career workshops

The courses offered complemented the curriculum of the compulsory core and elective courses in this respect perfectly and took up the latest developments and teaching methods. Courses I attended included scientific writing, design thinking and negotiation skills with an introduction to the Harvard Negotiation Method. A further exciting course on the topic of presentation skills included both practical advice with regard to the design of a presentation as well as typical sources of error and their possible solutions when presenting to an audience. In project management, a compact introduction into the fundamentals of agile management and hybrid project management was given.

Personally, I especially liked a workshop dealing with the question of what constitutes conscious leadership, what drives it, which values are the basis of its actions. As a future leader, one of the most important things to know is what drives you in life. Where do you get your energy from and how do you gain control to use this power efficiently? All these aspects were examined intensively over a period of two days and very helpful advice was given in order to achieve lasting positive changes – both professionally and personally.

Get to know business experts through executive talks and career events

In addition to these and many other useful skill courses offered such as intercultural management, decision making in crises situations or driving strategic change, I enjoyed attending the monthly executive talks in which well-known CEOs, as well as high ranking experts from business and science, were available to provide insights into their respective fields of competence and engaged in discussions with fellow students.

Individual trainings, counselling and coaching sessions, tailor-made to your needs

Individual training sessions offer additional opportunities to reflect competencies and enhance career-related skills. KODE coaching for competence development is one such offering. Ultimately, I would like to mention the Frankfurt School’s Career Service itself. They offer Interview trainings with experienced executives to guide students in the interview process. In addition, Rosa Homburg and her team from the Frankfurt School Career Services are always available to answer any questions you may have about your career. They are very helpful, be it by providing tips for designing your own résumé or arranging relevant contacts in your area of interest. I can only recommend future students to get the most out of their time at Frankfurt School and to attend as many of the additional skill and career courses as possible. It will be worth it.