My transformative MBA journey: exploring the healthcare-business connection
MBA International Healthcare Management / 12 June 2023
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MBA International Healthcare Management Class of 2023
Janny is a Clinical Nurse Specialist, specialising in geriatric emergency management in Toronto, Canada. Janny holds a Bachelor and master’s degree in nursing.

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Embarking on my MBA journey in healthcare has been a profoundly personal and transformative experience in growing my perspective, growth, and aspirations. Being passionate about healthcare and driven to make a meaningful impact, I have gained a deeper understanding of the business side of the healthcare industry through the programme.

The journey of self-discovery

When I first started the MBA International Healthcare Management programme, I had a strong foundation in healthcare, having worked as a healthcare professional for several years. However, I knew there was much more to learn beyond my role. As I delved into the coursework, I began to uncover the intricacies of healthcare economics, strategic planning, and leadership. This journey of self-discovery allowed me to develop a new lens, where business principles intertwined with healthcare to shape its landscape.

Expanding Horizons

The MBA introduced us to a diverse cohort of professionals from various backgrounds. The opportunity to participate in modules around the world helped me develop a deeper awareness of the multi-layered influences on the healthcare systems of several countries. Engaging in collaborative discussions and group projects with my peers broadened my perspective and challenged my assumptions. The insights and experiences shared during our interactions expanded my horizons, enabling me to see the interconnectedness of different healthcare sectors and the vast opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

Developing a holistic Skill Set

One of the most valuable aspects of the MBA was acquiring a holistic skill set. From financial management to economics and quality improvement, I gained a comprehensive toolkit that empowered me to navigate the complex healthcare environment. These skills have equipped me with the ability to analyse data, make informed decisions, and develop innovative solutions to address the challenges faced by healthcare organisations.

Personal growth and transformation

Beyond the knowledge gained, pursuing an MBA in healthcare has catalysed personal growth and transformation. The programme pushed me out of my comfort zone, encouraging me to embrace leadership roles, take risks, and challenge the status quo. I learned to adapt to ambiguity, think critically, and effectively communicate my ideas. This journey has shaped my professional identity and fostered personal resilience and confidence.

A new path forward

As I near the completion of my MBA, I am filled with a sense of excitement and optimism for the future. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of healthcare and business principles, I am well-prepared to make a meaningful impact in the industry. My aspirations have evolved, and I now see myself in a leadership role, driving positive change and innovation in healthcare organisations. The programme has opened doors to many opportunities, allowing me to pursue a career aligning my healthcare passion with my business acumen.

My journey through this MBA in International Healthcare Management has been nothing short of transformative. The combination of personal growth, expanded horizons, and a holistic skill set has positioned me as a change agent in the ever-evolving healthcare industry. I am grateful for the opportunities to explore the intersection of healthcare and business, as it has shaped my career path and ignited a lifelong commitment to making a meaningful difference.

Looking ahead, I am eager to leverage my newfound knowledge and skills to positively impact the healthcare industry and contribute to the well-being of individuals and communities. As I step into the next phase of my journey, I carry the invaluable lessons, connections, and experiences from my MBA programme. With determination and a passion for excellence, I am confident I can make a difference in transforming healthcare systems and fostering innovation that will ultimately enhance the quality of care and improve patient outcomes.

In conclusion, my MBA journey in healthcare has been a remarkable experience shaping my professional path and personal growth and aspirations.