Part-time MBA: Capital Markets Elective
Part-time MBA / 2 June, 2020
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Part-time MBA Class of 2021
Kaustubh is a Computer Vision Engineer at Hyundai MOBIS and a candidate for the part-time MBA class of 2021.

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Being an engineer by profession, my experience before joining the part-time MBA at Frankfurt School was solely in the engineering domain. I was interested in the workings of other fields of business and an MBA from a top business school in Germany felt like the natural choice. I decided to opt for Frankfurt School due to its excellent quality of education and triple accreditation. When I started the programme, I was definitely impressed with our lecturers being leaders in their respective fields and providing insights beyond the obvious. Moreover, the case study method helped us get deeper insights into the practical aspects of each subject. Having completed a significant amount of course work so far, I can now safely say that I am well versed with different business fileds like economics, finance, strategy, marketing etc.

In addition to our core curriculum, we had the possibility to select different electives. I opted for the finance and management tracks, because I am interested in the overall management of a company and the related financial aspects. In the finance track, I decided to go for the elective on Capital Markets.

Learning about financial investments

The Capital Markets elective focused essentially on financial investments. For example, we discussed how to set up and manage an optimal investment portfolio. The course provides deeper insights into the workings of the financial markets and is especially relevant for people, who are considering to work in investment banking. It is also relevant to any other industry professional as sound investment decisions are the cornerstone for every successful business.

It was particularly interesting to learn how to analyse the viability of investments based on the risk vs. return ratio like a business leader. The lecturer included news articles regarding yields, bonds and risks, which helped the class to get a better understanding of the theory. In fact, he also recommended two Hollywood films to watch as an introduction to Capital Markets: Margin Call (2011) and The Big Short (2015).

Transferable insights

The insights from this elective are also helpful when making personal financing decisions regarding shares, stocks and bonds as you learn the best strategies to yield maximum returns. The lecture was taught by the managing director of a big asset management firm in Frankfurt and his insights were highly practical. I was introduced to the world of financial markets, of which I had limited prior understanding, and the knowlege I gained will definitely be useful in any future managerial position. Therefore, the finance track with electives such as Capital Markets and Mergers & Acquisitions has opened up a whole new set of career options for me.

With its general management focus and large choice of electives, the part-time MBA at Frankfurt School covers a large range of business management fields and provides participants with the necessary tools to successfully navigate today’s complex corporate world.