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How to prepare for your MBA abroad

August 26, 2015
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Time flies and your MBA experience is only a few weeks ahead. Surely you already contemplated how you can prepare to make the most out of your 15 months in Frankfurt, Germany. Many of you will relocate, experience living in a foreign country and a new city, for some even a new culture.

This is what the Frankfurt School MBA Team recommends for a great start into your live-changing programme. Yep, “transformational learning experience” is not just a marketing slogan!

Get a head start on German

Yes, your programme will be taught in English. Yes, Frankfurt is a very international city, you wouldn’t need to communicate in German, necessarily. But do you want to integrate? Do you want to participate in other group’s activities? Do you want to work in Germany? Do you maybe even want to stay for a little while after your studies have finished and gain some international work experience in one of the most successful economies? In order to succeed on the German job market, German skills are imperative. So do your homework and take the German classes. I am serious.

Read up on the business part

You probably made a habit out of reading your favorite business papers like The Economist, Financial Times or the Wall Street Journal. Expand your reading to our recommended reading list to be prepared for class. The Case Study Handbook, for example, tells you how to read, discuss, and write persuasively about cases, which is a good thing in an MBA class.
A good advice for “freshmen” from one of our current students was: come prepared – learning is so much more fun!

Get familiar

Get to know your new environment: check the Professors’ profiles, get familiar with the faculty and the MBA Team – know your contact persons. If you are familiar with the school, you can make use of the benefits of integrating and networking.

Know your options

Check out the Rhein Main Event Guide. It offers you the possibility to get active and it will also tell you a little bit about the German culture. Try to avoid a culture shock by learning about your new home beforehand and once you are there, be active. Especially those who opt to work in Germany always keep your network in mind – foster and expand it!

Be organised

Come a few days earlier to get a chance to look around and get a feel for the city, the uni, your flat/dorm, your new environment. The first weeks of your MBA studies will be especially stressful, you’ll get to know so many names and faces, there are opening ceremonies, the leadership camp and you still have to perform in class. Make sure you don’t suffer from a jetlag, better feel relaxed and prepared.

We are very much looking forward to meet you in person and welcome you on campus!
Let’s have a great year together!

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