Reasons to stay at FS
Bachelor / 13 July, 2016
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MoF class of 2017
Benedikt is part of the Master of Finance class of 2017. He graduated in 2016 from Frankfurt School receiving his Bachelor in Business Administration. Moreover, he is engaged at Frankfurt School Student Consulting as well as a FS Ambassador.

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Benedikt wrote this blog entry together with Marvin. Both started their Bachelor studies in 2012 and are now classmates in the Master of Finance program.

Back in 2012 as 18 year old high school graduates not knowing what to expect from university and life at Frankfurt School we started our Bachelor degree in the heart of Mainhattan. Now, four years later, we are still here at FS and just finished the second semester of the Master of Finance program. In order to help some of our fellow bachelor students or other potential master students we wanted to give you a little insight in what drove us in our decision to come back and why we decided to pursue our postgraduate degree at our alma mater.

Time & Flexibility

Probably the most important factor is everything that has to do with time, meaning two separate things:

First of all, as a FS Bachelor we finished our last exam in December respectively January of 2016 and officially graduated on February 29th. The master at FS is the program, which can start your life as a postgraduate the fastest as you have the possibility to directly start in the second semester. It does not only perfectly fit your timeline; you also skip the first semester. Afterwards you can get your degree in a relatively short time horizon. Either you take the “fast track” and only need 10 months for the program or you can follow our path: spent two semesters in Frankfurt, have an awesome experience during a semester abroad (4th semester) and then come home, finish your thesis and jump into the real world out there just a year and a bit after you got your Bachelor degree. Moreover, you will save time with your application as you do not have to take your GMAT or an assessment center as long as you got the required grades (75%) during the bachelor. Even if you do not want to start directly after the bachelor graduation, there is the possibility to come back a year or two later and get into the master programs nearly as easily as directly afterwards.

Secondly, the time model of the master program is another advantage. You will have three days off during the week where you can work part-time on top of the internships you can do during the semester breaks. By this you can already gather a lot of experience in the job market and establish new contacts in the business world. Or you could just use this time to focus more on university or pursue other projects and personal goals.


If you decide you want to pursue a master degree, you probably want to get a good one. Since the beginning of our studies, we have always learned about the vision of Professor Steffens to become one of the best business schools in Europe and we think it is fair to say that we have already reached the goal. To be honest, the last two, three years left us with the expression that it will get even better in the future. Let us shortly explain why we think this way: Right know our Master of Finance is ranked 20th worldwide by Financial Times as the only German university in this ranking. Furthermore in 2012, according to the AACSB we had the 10th largest operating budget of European business schools. The effects of spending this kind of money for the institution is something a student experiences itself in the classroom. Just during the last semester we saw what kind of professors are attracted by our university. We had two young professors who just recently came directly after their PhD from INSEAD and LSE to Frankfurt School. So both are top notch researchers and sometimes you experience firsthand in class that they are extremely intelligent an extremely good at what they are doing. That is something you will profit in your future because learning from such people is a really great experience and will help your future career. Furthermore, the new campus will open in 2017 and unluckily we will not be able to experience the new facilities. At the opening ceremony we could get a grasp of how big, innovative and impressive the new building will be. It is hard to imagine that the learning experience in such a world-class campus will not motivate you even more to go the extra mile during your studies.

FS Community

Last but not least it is about the people and the community. After all those years you pretty much know most of the people, you know where to go if you need help and you know where you can become involved on campus. This makes so many things just way easier for yourself and helps to focus on the things you would like to concentrate on. Moreover, it is just a good feeling, studying once again for exams in the library and see so many familiar faces. If you are wearing your Bulls are coming” gear on campus, it just feels a little bit like home. That is what FS Spirit is all about.