Responsibilities of the representative for disabled students at Frankfurt School
Alumni / 21 December, 2016
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Study Advisor Degree Programmes & Executive Education
Viola is a Study Advisor at Frankfurt School and also the representative for disabled students at FS.

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I would like to introduce myself as the representative for disabled students at Frankfurt School. For 2 years, I have been responsible for representing the interests of disabled students and students with chronic illnesses.

You may ask who I am responsible for. Students with physical handicaps, with mental illnesses, dyslexia, AD(H)S and chronic illnesses are welcome to contact me about any issues they may have.

As you might imagine, most of the students I am currently in contact with, do have disabilities which the others do not realize because you can’t see them. Therefore, most of the students, professors and staff are not familiar with this type of student here at Frankfurt School. They have no idea what kinds of problems may arise during their studies and how they deal with these. There also might be students who do not like to talk about the subject or who get along on their own and do not need any assistance.

Official Opening of the working station in the library (sponsored by Alumni e.V.) in July 2015

Official Opening of the working station in the library (sponsored by Alumni e.V.) in July 2015

The services I offer for students concerning their studies and their individual situation are:

  • Questions about the organization of their studies
  • Advice on disadvantage compensation for examinations / Assessment center
  • Advice on study breaks because of periods of longer illness
  • Other individual topics

At the moment, lots of students from Frankfurt School are not aware that we offer this service or they are not sure that they do have somebody to get in contact with if they have one of the described disabilities. That’s why I would like to make more people at the Frankfurt School familiar with this topic so that we can support more students.

My idea is to ask Alumni with disabilities about their experiences during their studies. I would look forward to some short reports that we can publish on the Frankfurt School Blog. If you would like to hand in the report anonymously, please feel also free to do that. Thank you very much for your support.

Get in touch with the new representative for disabled students at FS – Lisa Ronneburger: