Semester Opening & Executive Talk at ECB
Masters / 3 March 2020
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Master in Management Class of 2021
Nicole is a Master in Management student with a bachelor in Chemistry and part of the Frankfurt School’s ambassador programme.

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After a nice and long winter break, the semester opening ceremony on Monday, 3 February 2020 at the European Central Bank (ECB) was the best way to be welcomed back to Frankfurt. During the evening at the beautiful building on Sonnemannstraße we had a very interesting talk from Gabriel Glöckler, Principal Adviser of the ECB’s Directorate General Communications. Mr. Glöckler started the executive talk with an introduction of the ECB and its functions. It was a good start with the basics of what the bank does and how it works with the different national banks in Europe. Furthermore, he addressed interesting topics such as how climate change affects the bank and its policy, the ECB monetary policy measures, the euro and price stability.

At the end of the presentation, Master in Management, Master of Finance and Master in Applied Data Science students had the chance to ask questions to Mr. Glöckler. One student started off by asking why it is so complicated to pay by card in Germany, which resonated with many students (including myself). This broke the ice and allowed for a relaxed and friendly environment in the Q&A.

Following the talk, we had a chance to quench our thirst and have a snack over networking with other students and staff from Frankfurt School as well as with Mr. Glöckler. This was a great opportunity to catch-up with other students after the holidays and to also interact with the program directors. I found it a privilege to have the opportunity to speak directly with an employee from the ECB. Additionally, the view from the lounge facing the river was beautiful, which put the cherry on the top to the evening.

I felt very grateful to attend to such an extraordinary event, the overall experience was enjoyable and informative. To me, one of the highlights of studying at FS is the exposure we get to different organizations/industries and opportunities. Especially as a non-EU student and with little background in finance, I learned much about the ECB and European finance in general. I must emphasize that Mr. Glöckler did a great job at making the topic easy to understand and interesting, and I appreciated that he took the time to talk to us and give us insights into the ECB’s work.

Finally, having an overview of what this semester looks like and what it has to offer made me feel excited and motivated for what is to come. I look forward to more events like this, where we are reminded why we chose FS and the impact that it can have in our careers if we want it to. I trust the time will fly by for the remaining semesters. Nevertheless, it is exciting to think about all the opportunities out there and the future ahead of us.