Shaping my entrepreneurial business perspective through my Executive MBA
Executive MBA / 9 November, 2018
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EMBA Class of 2018
Laura Massilamany, Cultural expert, EMBA´18 Student. “Follow me throughout the year during this exciting, demanding, life changing EMBA experience with the class of 2018!”

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About 6 month after my graduation with the Executive MBA Class of 2018, I would like to share some thoughts about the questions above, how my journey went and what happens in a life after EMBA graduation.

I remember attending several QS MBA Tour fairs before deciding for the EMBA @ Frankfurt School. I have compared Schools in the Netherlands and Stockholm, their programmes, peers and approaches. I chose Frankfurt School by convenience first, to be honest. I didn’t want to have more hustle to a busy schedule that I have already. Then, after my first days at school and in the programme, Frankfurt School came out to be an excellent decision because the school has an outstanding and ambitious vision of ranking with the world competitive Business School by 2020. The new campus already gives the tone and a glimpse of it. Today, Frankfurt School is THE school to choose with its immense potential.

A significant self-development level-up

This also comes down in my reflections after my graduation about what my experience felt like and what this all was good for. It was a significant self-development level-up. Being with senior managers and executive professionals helps to consider situations in different perspectives. It’s motivating to be with high level candidates: we want to learn everything! The more we know, the more we are able to adjust our decisions and take the right direction to steer this boat called company.

I would recommend 100% to complete an EMBA, the benefits are simply life changing.

Every module was helpful. As an entrepreneur, I have carefully listened business modules such as entrepreneurship, leadership, business plan, ethics. Management modules are helpful for me in my business, how to lead people, time management and organizational tasks. All these things were game changers for me and my business. Espacially the international elective in China was such a game changer for me (read more about it in my blog post “#EMBA Insights: It’s time to copy China !?”) I was impressed by the technological advancements in China. Digitalisation was everywhere, as part of everyone’s daily life. I came back with thousand ideas how we can improve our life, our existing technologies, my business. The entire Executive MBA programme has an influence on the way I drive my own business. The first benefit is that I see projects and envision the purpose of my business in a higher perspective, I see the global stakes and how everything is interconnected. That´s so super exciting! Many of the articles or practical case studies that we have worked on with my EMBA classmates contribute to open my mind and understand corporate modern challenges and master in corporate language when I have to approach businesses for cultural trainings.

My life after graduation made me feel like: Ok, now I am ready to go for it!

After my graduation, I have developed my business and progressed in applying what I have learned: I have added another branch to my business, which is cultural diplomacy. It is a global purpose with cross-country influence. I was so far leading with intuition and experience; with the EMBA, I acquired the tools, method and structure necessary to run a business with an international vision. So in my life after graduation, I felt like I am ready to now go for it!  My business is in the process of growing, I will employ some more staff soon and lead with vision. An Institute for cultural diplomacy, this is what I am envisioning. With cultural filming and business trainings, creating a hub for cultures, promoting different regions. In a large idea – harmony and peace between cultures.

Being an EMBA Alumna for me means: lifelong friends, bonds and priceless networks

My classmates all are senior executive business contacts in leading positions in the Rhein-Main region as well as across the entire globe. The world is interdependent and we will need each other; we all come from a different background culturally and professionally and we all embrace different industries. That is definitely our strength and a huge benefit. I have constant interactions with my EMBA alumni fellows and the new intakes as well, which is an absolute personal enrichment and of course a priceless benefit for my business network.