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Alumni / 27 September, 2016
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MoF class of 2013
Kirsten was awarded her Bachelor degree in International Business Administration by Frankfurt School in 2012. She went on to complete a Master of Finance degree at the business school in 2013. She currently works as Executive Assistant to the Executive Board for Finance and HR at Lufthansa Cargo AG.

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Many good memories come back, when entering the building of Frankfurt School at Sonnemannstraße. I graduated three years ago and it is always good to find a reason to come back and meet up with colleagues, which I haven’t seen for a while. Recently, the alumni management invited me to an alumni speaker workshop and presentation of “LinkedIn for Career Development” and I happily accepted.

I always wondered why friends of mine got contacted regularly for jobs on Xing or LinkedIn and I was never approached once. Now I know: I did quite some things wrong. Oliver Matthews, Head of Marketing & Student Recruitment at Frankfurt School, introduced us to the Do’s and Don’ts at LinkedIn. The most interesting learning was, that it matters how many contacts you have on LinkedIn. Below 500 you just don’t network enough. But besides connecting with contacts you made in the real world, it is also important how much you write on your profile and who gives you that reference. I am more of a minimalistic person on social networks and now added a few bullet points on my profile. From your skills to your groups, only those which are relevant to shaping your professional profile should be chosen. Also here, I will put up some more effort to round up my page. The presentation was an eye opener for many of us with a lot of “ah ha” moments and resolutions to maybe work on our profile a little bit more. You never know, when you will need it.

IMG_20160916_175052The second part of the evening was all about brainstorming, how we define the role of an alumni speaker. We got together with Anna and Hannah from Alumni Management to discuss about alumni staying in touch with Frankfurt School. A couple of months ago, I was asked if I wanted to be an alumni speaker.

We are representatives of the Frankfurt School and keep in closer touch. This is an opportunity for us to act as multiplier within our former FS groups and spread the word to engage as many of the alumni to be a part of Frankfurt School still after graduation. From promoting and organizing events, connecting and networking with FS talents, to generating ideas of what kind of events are interesting for us – there are many ways to contribute. But don’t worry, there are benefits as well. We receive information, news and invitations before most of our community members and special networking events are organized, such as this event. With drinks and snacks, we connected with old colleagues and other alumni from different years and programmes while enjoying the end of the evening. However the most significant benefit is that we as alumni speaker in our role actually have an active part in the Frankfurt Schools’ strategy. We have the power to actively develop ideas and concepts which help Frankfurt School`s global community to go further and support the FS to reach their goals, which makes also us alumni proud.