Warm welcome by the FS Student Council
FS Life / 7 July, 2017
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MoF class of 2018 / StuCo Co-Speaker
Victoria is one of our current MoF students who will graduate in 2018. She is StuCo Co-Speaker 17/18. Victoria was born and raised in China, finished college education in America, is now living in Frankfurt.

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Dear Frankfurt School students,

We are the Frankfurt School Student Council of 2017-2018. First of all, we would like to show our appreciation for the trust you have placed in us and by electing us to be your representatives. Hereby, we are honored to introduce six core goals for the entire year of our tenure as a fulfillment of our promises during the election. Please find the descriptions of what we have done to achieve these goals below:


The number of international students at Frankfurt School has increased exponentially and the current globalization trend has also required us to open our eyes to this culturally diversified world. This is not only a challenge but also an opportunity. We as the StuCo are trying to reduce the language barrier in Frankfurt School’s student life by encouraging student initiatives to be more multi-language friendly, e.g. hosting more English-speaking events and proposing the installment of English MS Office applications on the classroom computers. Also, we strive to improve the school’s international reputation by showcasing our school and city to our foreign guests, such as the student representatives from Glasgow University. In the upcoming semester, we are looking forward to cooperating with FS Business Game which invites Master students from other European business schools to compete in real-life business cases. Whether you are a student who is passionate about embracing the globalization of the world or an international student who struggles to adapt to you your new cultural environment, we are the same as you and we are here for you.

Budget Forecasting:

Our StuCo treasurers have made a simulation model for budget forecasting based on past year’s financial performances of the StuCo and student initiatives. With this model, we can foresee the upcoming year’s spending and plan our expenditures without losing sight of our budget. Also, the treasurers are working together with the StuCo student initiatives team to analyze each FS initiative and to ensure that the student’s semester StuCo fee is spent on projects that are beneficial for the student body in general. In addition to our regular budget spending on each initiative, we financially back projects and events that support students’ academic and professional development such as the Rocket Internet Venture Capital trip to Berlin.

Jumpstart Gruppenbild

Move to the New Campus:

We are moving to our new campus this upcoming academic year and will welcoming the new FS student intake there. We visited the new campus and posed our questions and suggestions to the school, e.g the potential “deli” store selling office supplies. We are also thrilled to have our “Raise the Roof” rooftop terrace on the new campus students can relax and enjoy the great view of the Taunus. The new campus will provide a great environment for students to study, network and enjoy thenew facilities and infrastructure. It will be a great experience for us to be the pioneers who explore our new campus. We want to make sure that the process of moving to the new campus is as pleasant and smooth as possible. Therefore,should you have any questions or concerns while using the new rooms or facilities, please feel free to contact us or the IT desk at Frankfurt School. (IT e-mail:



One keyword for most of the StuCo members’ agenda during the election was “transparency”. We believe that everyone at Frankfurt School should be entitled to be aware of the current status of school policies or any of the major changes that will affect student life. Therefore, we worked on improving the communication scale and efficiency between the school and the students. When students have problems with their studies or with student life to their group speakers who then report it in the student parliament. Also, our StuCo speaker, Ulrich Wiebach, represented the FS student body during the faculty council and presented a strong statement of our opinions on school policies. After the meeting of the faculty council, we shared this statement to all the students. This way, we aimed to increase the awareness of potential changes and show that the StuCo is dealing with  the concerns that the student body has. In the future, we would like to introduce more methods and channels between the school and  the students. Being the student representatives of Frankfurt School, we are fully aware that we are the voice of the students. Naturally, there are certain problems that are difficult for the StuCo and the school to solve, but we want to make sure that all students have correct and transparent information, and that everyone is on the same page.

Cooperation with Alumni:

Frankfurt School has a large alumni base managed by the alumni association consisting of former FS students and the former “Bankakadamie”. We met with the alumni association and came to a mutual agreement that for the future funding of student initiatives, the heads of the initiatives contact the StuCo to get in touch with the alumni association and receive funds from them. We also plan to create a stronger connection between students and alumni by initiating events or activities where people can meet network and exchange ideas.

Minor Constitution Changes:

Last year, the StuCo made some changes to the constitution in order to adapt it to the current situationand we would like to do the same this year. We will follow the six StuCo goals introduced in this article while making amendments to our constitution. For example, for internationalization, we will include the language requirement of initiatives in our constitution. Our treasurers would also like to introduce more specific guidance on reimbursement procedure for initiatives. “How will the StuCo Constitution affect us?”, you may ask.  Well, as the StuCo’s main function is to represent the student body and to coordinate student life, the constitution provides guidance and requirements for how the StuCo works and how we cooperate with initiatives, faculty, and all of you.

In closing, we would like to thank you again for your support. Without the help of each initiative, the budget forecast and the promotion of our missions could not have been possible. And without your valuable feedback, we could not have made all the improvements that we made. Lastly, we want to congratulate you all of you on a successful and joyful year of study at Frankfurt School. We wish you a wonderful summer break and look forward to seeing you again next semester!

Sincerely yours,

Student Council 2017-2018
Ulrich Wiebach, Victoria Li, Ekin Akkaya, Clara Wienhold, Christian des Pallieres, Rishabh Jain, Lynn Cunningham, Johannes Bösch, Matjia Ranogajec