Bachelor - Bachelor in Management, Philosophy & Economics

Bachelor in Management, Philosophy & Economics

The FS Pre-University Foundation Programme – materialising future careers
11 November 2022
Aaryan Kulkarni
Working for the Student Council as an MPE student
21 July 2022
Francesca Paganelli
Studying the Spread of Knowledge: Social Epistemology and Computational Modelling
5 April 2022
Prof. Dr. Rainer Hegselmann
Responsible AI?
18 December 2020
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Köhler
How to hit the ground running as an incoming MPE student
1 April 2022
Lennart Offeney
Why I enjoy working with MPE students
25 November 2020
Prof. Dr. Christine Tiefensee
Learning how to reason: Why we chose MPE
4 November 2020
Julia Schymura