Bachelor - Bachelor in Management, Philosophy & Economics

Bachelor in Management, Philosophy & Economics

The FS Pre-University Foundation Programme – materialising future careers
11 November 2022
Aaryan Kulkarni
How to find a niche and build your own company
23 December 2022
Francesca Paganelli
Diving deep into Logic – my favourite subject at FS
15 December 2022
Francesca Paganelli
Responsible AI?
18 December 2020
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Köhler
Working for the Student Council as an MPE student
21 July 2022
Francesca Paganelli
Studying the Spread of Knowledge: Social Epistemology and Computational Modelling
5 April 2022
Prof. Dr. Rainer Hegselmann
Learning how to reason: Why we chose MPE
4 November 2020
Julia Schymura
How to hit the ground running as an incoming MPE student
1 April 2022
Lennart Offeney
Why I enjoy working with MPE students
25 November 2020
Prof. Dr. Christine Tiefensee