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Master of Finance

From Frankfurt School via BCG to my own business
1 December 2021
Klaus Henneberg
Master of Finance or CFA – Why not both?
16 February 2022
Dongya An
Pushing my career by opening an M&A consulting firm
10 February 2022
Julian Coley
Being part of a community starting from day one
6 October 2021
Ruben Louis Thiemann
How my start-up idea won the Solve for Tomorrow Challenge
4 November 2021
Katharina Porenta
Moving from a small country to the financial centre of Europe for my master's
3 November 2021
Hayk Darbinyan
Starting a Master's during COVID: What can you expect?
27 January 2021
Paul Leibrock
My first impressions of Frankfurt School
12 October 2021
Marius Heinrich
How I was able to secure a scholarship at Frankfurt School
4 October 2021
Armine Sargsyan
Women in Private Equity: Industry Insights
26 October 2020
Katharina Porenta
Starting a new chapter of my life at FS
30 September 2021
Anastasiia Tsiluiko
Master's study trip to Portgual – sustainability, sand and sangria
2 September 2021
Bronwyn Hoskins-Davies
Semester Opening & Executive Talk at ECB
3 March 2020
Nicole Sarmiento
How Frankfurt School shaped my professional career
4 August 2021
Al-Muthanna Khudhur
Came for a Master’s – staying for my career
28 May 2021
Ylliesse Gueham