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How the Full-time MBA helped me prepare for a career change
27 August 2021
Stefanos Varntanian
My journey as an MBA student from Ghana to FS
10 March 2023
Godson Quaye
Full-time MBA class visit to Messer Group’s Office
15 August 2022
Mallidi Harshitha
MBA Leadership Camp: Full-time MBA Class of 2021
11 November 2020
Shafia Huq
Cognate: Finding your Ikigai
7 July 2022
Alejandro Paschalides
Why an MBA today and not tomorrow
14 April 2022
Sivaraj Ravi
Building Soft Skills and Self-awareness: KODE Coaching
29 January 2020
Georgios Triantafyllou
My first 90 days as an MBA Programme Manager
17 February 2022
Stephanie Kutschmann
Pursuing my Full-time MBA with determination
16 November 2021
Hernan Calderon
Career counselling & workshops: how FS career services go the extra mile
29 April 2019
Javlon Abdusodikov
How I came to realise the importance of education
29 October 2021
Andrew Casavecchia
Exploring the world of business, finance and management through a Full-time MBA
13 October 2021
Shirley Lu
Our module abroad - Leadership and Change Management at SDA Bocconi
3 April 2019
Corinna Haas
A new adventure after my MBA – from engineering to sustainable finance
20 July 2021
Diego Delgado
My key take-aways from career workshops and individual counselling
12 July 2021
Sascha Walsdorf-Knaus