TEDxFS goes into the second round
Student Initiatives / 29 November, 2018
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Master of Finance Class of 2019
Annika studies Msc. of Finance and works part-time as an Internal Auditor of Commerzbank AG. Besides being head of the TEDxFS Marketing department 2018 she is also involved in the FS Ambassador Initiative.

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What started one year ago with the first TEDxFS Event ever is about to become one of Frankfurt School’s famous and new traditions besides Career Day or Homecoming Day. This year’s TEDxFS Team, consisting of 12 Bachelor and Master students, was happy to present 7 carefully selected international live speakers from various backgrounds on the topic “Perseverance. Crisis. Perspective”.

On the 17th of November 2018 Anne Koark, Archish Mittal, Daniel Jung, Joanne Thomas Yaccato, Dr. Philipp Ramin, Sorah Kim and Walter Kohl shared their personal experiences and insights on the beforementioned topic. In a familiar atmosphere they thereby contributed to Frankfurt School’s interdisciplinary environment. As everybody has experienced a personal crisis once in their lifetime, the audience could easily identify with the speakers’ captivating lessons learned.

Even though I have seen many TED Talks online and knew a lot about TED Talks, this was the first time I have ever really been to one in person. Watching these inspiring talks online is great and lets you discover new and insightful perspectives. However, witnessing such an event in person pushes it up to a completely new level. Not only that I think, that I have learned a lot for my personal life from the advice given by the speakers. Moreover, I was deeply impressed by how honest and profoundly Walter Kohl talked about his life changing tragedies, how motivating and confidently Sorah Kim encouraged me to find out and develop what makes me special and derive my own purpose from it, or how bravely and without any trace of fear to fail Daniel Jung implements the ideas he is convinced of.

Living in a multicultural and permanently evolving world full of disruptions, one is presented with new challenges almost every day, which requires us to adapt continuously. As facing obstacles cannot always be avoided, the only way to deal with them is to be prepared in terms of coping strategies. Sharing experiences and discussing distinct approaches can help us to learn from our own or maybe even someone else’s mistakes, so that we can regain purpose again and gather the courage to overcome a personal crisis. I myself definitely picked up some new coping strategies, ways of thinking and the courage to stand up against new challenges, whatever the future might bring. Therefore, I want to say thank you to everyone who contributed to make this event possible: our TEDxFS Team, the speakers and especially Frankfurt School.

“Being part of the big TEDx network and being able to give back made me join the TEDxFS initiative last year. As this is the second TEDxFS event, I can make use and share the experiences of last year’s organization process and I am aware that I have to expect the unexpected. It didn’t take too long until the first difficulties arose.

The theme came up because it is something everybody is challenged by since we all face smaller and bigger crises. It is important to get an understanding of the triggers, where it came from and how to deal with it. Each one of us has their own way to find it out. The most important part is the perspective. Perspective not only in the sense of looking at options what can happen in the future, but rather how different points of view can change your opinion on something and let yourself see a crisis from a completely new angle.”

 – Simon Himmelstoß, Head of TEDxFS –

“To me, TEDxFS offers a good balance to the still finance- heavy events and initiatives at FS. I joined TEDxFS because I wanted to help organize an event that has an impact on people by inspiring them as well as challenging their opinions and views on important issues.

This year’s topic “Perseverance. Crisis. Perspective” is of great importance in our fast moving and developing world as everyone strives to succeed. Too often people break down under the pressure to triumph and experience personal crises. The event shows that you have to talk about such issues in order to overcome them.”

– Carolin Tietz, Operations –

“TED is a unique stage for individuals to have an impact: Since there are no restrictions to the contents, each individual speaker presents his personal view, ideas and life lessons on essential topics based on experience. Thereby one’s horizon can be widened, that is why I love TED.”

– Justus Reich, Operations

We are looking forward to welcoming you on our next TEDxFS event at Frankfurt School in 2019!