The Full-time MBA: a New Start
MBA / 3 December, 2014
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MBA class of 2015
Abhinaya was part of the MBA class of 2015

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The day I received the confirmation letter of my admission to Full-time MBA course at Frankfurt school of Finance & Management, there were several thoughts arising in my mind. I had a good job and was enjoying life with a wonderful set of friends and a very supportive family. The question: should I be content with current circumstance or would international exposure in studies and work experience stand in good stead for my future? I concluded  that a post graduate degree, with a comprehensive study program, in finance and management, based on research, training and practical exercises, would be an essential qualification for a leadership position in any corporate organization. And why Germany? Germany possesses a highly developed industrial sector and high standards of work culture. The higher education, in many of its renowned universities, is linked and coordinates with the industry. Frankfurt School of Finance & Management is one such institution. Frankfurt, I learnt, is a city with world class infrastructure and is home to many top financial establishments of the world. All these facts made my decision easy.

Sitting in the window seat as I took my flight to Frankfurt, apprehension took over my initial euphoria. This would be my first time away from home, from my parents and friends. What was in store for me in a foreign country? Would I be able to adjust to the food, climate and living conditions there? Most importantly I was unsure of how people, whom I would come across, would fraternize. But as terrified as I was with all these thoughts, I was equally excited about living independently. About a new start!

All my fears and inhibition were put to rest once I reached Frankfurt. Right from the welcome and pick up at airport to placing me at the dorms, I felt the warmth. The room allotted to me was comfortable, painted in red and cream. I spent my first few days exploring the city. I immediately fell in love with the picturesque and clean surroundings. The walk ways across the city are something that I would love the town planners back home to emulate. Most importantly I found the city very safe for women. But the best was yet to come.

The Orientation and the leadership camp were out of this world. Our MBA class is very diverse in all aspects. Be it cultural or professional background, language or age. And working together with such a diverse group is turning out to be an amazing experience. The team building activities, the get togethers and the discussions brought us all closer. It was a platform where different ideas, different opinions, different experiences were shared.10655398_398272876991941_334335559040762523_o
It’s been about 45 days since I arrived in Frankfurt and life has been a mixture of hectic, sublime and exotic experiences. Multi tasking is a way of life here. Other than studying and preparing for the classes, cooking, cleaning the utensils, cleaning the room, washing my clothes, shopping … (the list goes on), tasks from which I was insulated back home, have kept me busy. Today I stand, hopeful that, in a couple of years, I shall return home, a very confident and efficient managerial brass hat.