The future you want is out there and it's called public transport
FS-UNEP Centre / 13 July 2023
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Master of Finance Class of 2024
Keerthi Krishnakumar is a Master of Finance student at Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. She's currently studying the sustainable finance concentration and is a working student at the Frankfurt School-UNEP Collaborating Centre. Keerthi is working on topics related to Climate Policy and Green Finance. She holds a bachelor's degree in Economics from NMIMS School of Economics in Mumbai, India.

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How many times have you left your house, gleefully excited to “carpe diem”, only to be met with bumper-to-bumper traffic that quickly sucks all that joy out of you? Be it congestion on the way back from work after a long day or on the way to your loved ones’ home for Christmas, traffic has become an unavoidable part of our lives, but does it need to be?

Living and working in Frankfurt comes with a plethora of experiences, the beautiful downtown with towering skyscrapers at Willy-Brandt Platz, the quiet cosy alleyways of Alt Sachsenhausen and the lively streets of Bergerstrasse, and what connects them all? The intricate mass transit system that allows you to experience all of these in one day. From the freedom offered by the Deutschland Ticket to the enchanting charm of the old trams, let us explore the vibrant and eco-friendly ways to traverse this magnificent city.

Your green conscience

The 9-euro experiment has now turned into a more permanent 49-euro ticket which allows one to journey all across the country (and sometimes even beyond it!). This magical pass unlocks the treasure trove of Germany’s regional trains, buses and trams, offering affordable and hassle-free exploration without weighing heavy on your green conscience. You can sit back, relax and get from point A to B without hassle. Public transportation in Frankfurt plays a pivotal role in cultivating a greener future, with each ride a joyful commitment to preserving our planet. By choosing buses, trams and trains over private cars, we collectively reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change. Using public transit reduces road congestion as well. The increasing number of vehicles on the road causes more traffic, longer commutes and stress. By using public transit, you contribute to the solution that is a smoother commute for all.

Frankfurt is also steadily increasing the deployment of electric and hybrid buses. These cleaner technologies minimise air pollution and enhance the overall quality of life for residents and visitors alike. Breathing in the crisp, clean air while travelling across the city is a refreshing experience, a gentle reminder of the positive impact our transportation choices can make. One might think, “Well, I can’t make an impact individually” but each train car that is full is a sign towards a more sustainable future. After all, there is power in numbers!

Not only does public transit help to reduce your carbon footprint, but it also serves as a beautiful way to get a look at your city. The trams stretch across the city, allowing you a glimpse at every neighbourhood, from the comfort of a cushioned seat. What is an absolutely gorgeous part of the Frankfurt tram system, is the fact that you can see 4 generations of trams that you can use. The oldest one still has a beige exterior with stairs that shoot down to ascend and descend with red leather seats, and the newest ones allow tots to peek through the glass and get the same view as the driver. To top it all off, there is also the Ebbelwoi Express that goes around the city during the summer months, offering Frankfurt’s iconic Apfel Wein and a tour around the city. That is certainly an experience that will not burn a hole in your pocket!

Your decision to have a significant impact

Ditching your car and embracing public transportation is a powerful choice that aligns with a greener and more sustainable lifestyle. By opting for buses, trains, trams or even bicycles, you contribute to several crucial environmental benefits that collectively make a significant impact. The advantage of public transportation is its ability to conserve land and natural resources. Private cars require extensive infrastructure, including roads, parking lots and garages, which consume vast amounts of land. By relying on public transportation, we can reduce the need for such infrastructure, preserve green spaces and minimise urban sprawl’s environmental impact.

Choosing public transportation over driving a private vehicle makes a strong case for a sustainable future. Public transportation is a potent weapon in the fight against climate change and for the development of vibrant, communal living. It reduces emissions, eases traffic congestion, fosters inclusion, conserves resources and boosts public health. So take the tram today if you can, after all, is anything cooler than riding a multi-million euro vehicle every day?