The power of imagination
Bachelor in Computational Business Analytics / 6 December 2022
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BSc in Computational Business Analytics Class of 2026
Ionut is a current student in our BSc in Computational Business Analytics programme. He likes to evolve, never stay the same and try new things. Most of the time, he is writing or researching politics/economics. His favourite place is the Black Sea Coast.

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I have always admired how successful people have overcome the obstacles encountered in their journey to achieving their goals. At the same time, I’ve always asked myself how much strength must be needed or what it must take to be a winner in a world where it’s sometimes hard to go on. My experience has taught me that you do not need anything except imagination to succeed and unveil the winner inside you.

A rocky start

During high school, I encountered many daunting moments. Education played an important role; therefore, I took it seriously. I have always strived for perfection and put in the hard work, but this was not the case for my classmates, who often judged me for my ambitious goals. Moreover, my motivation and recommendations were not considered by my teachers. I felt misunderstood.

I wanted to make a change, so I raised my problem. But my friends, family members and teachers didn’t like my vision. The situation worsened as everyone around me started to see me as a disruptive factor. It felt like I was no longer part of the community I had grown up in. I kept questioning my beliefs because there was no one around me to support them.

At this point, I asked myself, how am I supposed to become the best version of myself? How can I challenge myself and the others around me when there is no interest in such things? I didn’t want to live in a bubble; I wanted to leave my comfort zone.

Achieving my goals through my imagination

Things were getting harder, and I was thinking about giving up. But I couldn’t accept this way of living. I didn’t want to settle. The only way to avoid the negativity around me was to think about something else. For example, in the beginning, I thought about trips and nature, however, mainly about the universe. Later, I started to reinvent myself. I imagined I was someone else with another name and a different personality. I created goals and realised I was more confident this way. Therefore, with the power of imagination, I took on another identity.

In my last year of high school, I had my final exams. It was a challenging period, with so much studying and no time for procrastinating or talking to my family. I wanted to challenge myself and do as well as I could. For such a long and hard mission, I had to create someone who could manage anything. So I imagined I was a strong, diplomatic and consistent man who had the goal to never give up on my dreams and keep believing in myself. You might think it’s strange to imagine being someone else, but this strategy helped me achieve my goals. I would wake up at 5 A.M., study, go to the gym and attend classes. Imagining I was someone else gave me the energy to fight for my goals; it felt like a fire inside me.

The power of imagination

For more than six months, I lived this lifestyle, and, I have to say, the hard work paid off. I was pleased with my results and decided to continue my studies abroad. I was accepted into the FS Bachelor in Computational Business Analytics programme. For the first time, I felt honoured and appreciated at the same time.

During the first semester, I met wonderful people from all over the world, from so many backgrounds and with many visions. Presently, I am beyond satisfied with the community I live in. I have more opportunities and I have a voice.

Imagination is a blessing. Many of us are not aware of it, but all the strength lies there. Most of the things created by humans were first imagined and then created. If I could give anyone some advice in life, it would be: use your imagination. Imagine the perfect universe you want to be in. Imagine you are whoever you want to be. Because no matter how hard it is sometimes to go further, you are the sole ruler of your mind and life.