Time flies during the opening week of the Part-time MBA
Part-time MBA / 13 October, 2020
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Part-time MBA class of 2022
Kiki is Senior Associate Digital Marketing at Mattel and a candidate for the Part-time MBA class of 2022.

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It has been quite a ride: Finishing two classes in one week? Bring it on!

It is incredible how fast the first six days of our Part-time MBA went by. Every day was full of new impressions, insights and growing friendships. The campus is absolutely stunning and we were able to use the big Audimax lecture hall during the entire Opening Week. Due to Covid, the classes took place in hybrid mode, so we had some fellow students dial in via Zoom. The technical setup worked amazingly well. The learning atmosphere in general was great both from an educational as well as people standpoint. It did not matter whether you were inside or outside of the classroom – you were surrounded by an amazing group of students with very diverse professional backgrounds. After the Leadership Camp we already had a great team spirit going and this was just the beginning of our journey together!

The courses: Put your thinking cap on and get ready to make some cash (if you are lucky)

We had our kick-off with Professor Löchel’s class ‘Global Economy’. We covered the most important fundamentals of macroeconomics and the professor was absolutely delightful. I have not had that much fun studying in a long time. One of the things I appreciated most was the practical application of the concepts to current real-life topics like the Covid pandemic. The professor was also more than happy to answer any questions coming from the class. We had many interesting discussions ranging from historical topics like the Great Depression and Financial Crisis to recent ones like the ECB’s current course of action and the trade war between China and the US. I found the course very valuable and especially relevant for the crazy times we live in right now. To end it on a sweet note, the professor invited all of us to a glass of champagne on our last day!

Our other class ‘Competitive Strategies’ was taught by Professor Klingebiel. We analyzed interesting real-life business cases – one of which made me want to buy a Tesla. We also played some fun online games (with a strategic purpose, of course). Unfortunately, we experienced some technical issues and could not choose a final winner, but the cash incentive was quite intriguing, so we all gave it our best shot! Throughout the course, the professor kept spinning a virtual wheel to randomly select students for another mysterious game. All I can say is that some of our fellow MBA candidates came back richer than before. If you are curious to find out more, I recommend you stop reading this blog post right now, fill out the MBA application for Frankfurt School, and find out for yourself!

Classroom tales: There is no such thing as free lunch (except there was!)

Most days started at 9:45am and ended at 5:15pm with a one-hour break (and multiple smaller ones) in between. The school provided water, coffee, tea, sandwiches and other snacks, so we were pretty much spoiled throughout the entire week. For all the foodies among us, there is also a nice campus canteen, various lunch spots close by and – my secret tip to you guys – a Starbucks just 10 walking minutes away. All in all, it was an amazing experience I happily recommend to all the potential newcomers: It has truly been a pleasure. The next courses will already start in around four weeks, so until then: Sleep. Study. Succeed. Repeat. So long, and thanks for all the champagne, Professor Löchel!