Two good reasons for our undergraduate admissions process
Bachelor / 30 June, 2014
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Programme Director, Bachelor of Science
Dr. Matthias Catón is Frankfurt School's Programme Director for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. The programme has eight concentrations and more than 800 students, roughly half of all students on Campus in Frankfurt. A political scientist by training, he has held positions in different organizations, including academia, an intergovernmental organization, and the World Economic Forum.

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Online application, letter of motivation, tests, an interview, a group  exercise – applying for the Frankfurt School Bachelor program is a quite demanding, both for candidates and the School.

So why do we put so much effort into selecting our students? There are two main reasons. First, we get many more applications than we can accept. As leading Business School we obviously want to pick the best students from the pool of candidates.

Second—and even more importantly—we want to make sure that we only accept those students who have all it takes to successfully complete the ambitious Bachelor program at Frankfurt School.

This is important to us, but equally to candidates and students. If you get into Frankfurt School you can be sure of two things: you will find yourself in an inspiring environment among fellow students who are as ambitious, curious and high-performing as yourself. And you have what it takes to be one of them.

Our diligence at the entry point is one of the reasons (in addition to excellent teaching, individual attention and other things) why almost everyone who starts their undergraduate studies at Frankfurt School completes them successfully.

By the way: about one in five who apply for our program actually make it through the process and start their studies at Frankfurt School. Seems tough? Well, it is, but you may be surprised about your abilities. I often meet candidates who doubt that they will succeed, only to be accepted with very good results. Give it a shot!