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EcoPol Journal / 27 January 2021
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Master in Management Class of 2020
Tatjana is a Master in Management student from Serbia. Before joining FS, she graduated in Political Science and International Relations. Member of EcoPol International Division.

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Welcome to FS EcoPol Journal – a new platform for open political and economic discussion about topics of global importance by FS Economy & Politics initiative.

The EcoPol Journal – A project of the student initiative FS Economy & Politics

This blog is organized and run by the student initiative FS Economy & Politics. FS Economy & Politics is an initiative that wants to encourage FS Students to think outside of the box by debating about current political and macroeconomic issues. Our initiative thus provides a platform for FS Students to broaden their horizons. Our events range from small get-togethers with our members to big speeches with known politicians and economists. We encourage all students of Frankfurt School to join our events as they are an opportunity for a vivid exchange of political views as well as economic issues.

What is the goal of EcoPol Journal and why we need it

A generation ago, the predominant perspective was that addressing the big social issues was the responsibility only of political leaders. However, in recent times, we see top executives of some of the world’s largest organizations speaking about, stepping up, and defining their success in terms of issues that have historically been in the domain of political leaders.

In other words, for future business leaders it is essential to be aware of the forces that powerfully shape our societies, to understand where and how to respond for the good of their organizations and society as a whole.

Hence, the goal of the EcoPol Journal is to give Frankfurt School students short insights on a variety of topics focused around politics and economics and, above all, to prepare the new generation of business leaders for public and political debates with a point of view.

What will you read and who can be an author

EcoPol Journal will be open to topics ranging from climate change and ESG investments to international conflicts and human rights. Any Frankfurt School student can be an author of an EcoPol Journal article. If you would like to contribute to the EcoPol Journal, send an e-mail to with your idea proposal. Any topics that you believe relevant and interesting are welcome. You can also reach out to our editorial team to give you topic proposal or help you formulate your own idea. The editorial team will also help you with a research and writing guide.

We look forward to your articles!

Best regards,

The EcoPol Journal Editorial Team