Why Computational Business Analytics at FS is a great choice
Bachelor in Computational Business Analytics / 13 October 2022
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BSc in Computational Business Analytics Class of 2025
Anh is a Bachelor's student in Computational Business Analytics at Frankfurt School. Before going to FS, she took a gap year to explore business as a marketing intern and realised how data plays a big role in life. This led to a wider interest in data science and business analytics.

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The Bachelor in Computational Business Analytics (BSc) establishes the perfect foundation for anyone entering the business world. With corporations relying increasingly on data for their day-to-day businesses, it is amazing to have a strong grip on both the data and business administration fields. It is the perfect combination of knowledge and skillset for the modernised work ethic.

With the choice to specialise in a specific field of interest in the final year, CBA provides the opportunity for students to build a basic understanding of how data can be used for essential business operations, such as decision-making and automation, even if the student has the intentions to go in other fields such as finance or investment banking. This gives the candidate a competitive advantage in the employability scale.

You will be equipped with a strong skillset

During the first two semesters, we were provided with many data-related courses and had our first experience with computing, coding and algorithms. We got to study both theoretical (basic concepts of computer science, algorithm theory, the foundation of database programming and business intelligence) and practical ideas (data analysing using Excel, programming with Python and managing data utilising SQL). All of these courses will lay the foundation for the right knowledge that is much needed to secure a technical job.

CBA is the best mixture of technical, economic and other business programs. Understanding how business and the economy work is crucial to accelerate your future career. Attending courses like Analytical Thinking, Principle of Management, Managerial Accounting, Microeconomics & Decision Theory and so on will not only enhance your knowledge but also provide you with all the skills that will be unquestionably useful for your professional life.

Depending on the module, there are different ways of approaching course subjects. We had debate sessions in Analytical Thinking, collaboration projects in Algorithms & Software Concepts, company pitches in Financial Accounting and more. One of the most interesting projects we had was the Business Game for our Managerial Accounting module. We were randomly grouped into teams of 6, where the randomisation allowed for an international team background. I truly understood the benefits of diversification as I could give my input on a particular issue and was able to learn from the different perspectives of others. The biggest advantage of diversification was that we could combine our ideas and make better decisions.

In addition, the CBA assignments sharpen rudimentary skills such as time management, delegating tasks and leadership skills. We are also given the opportunity to apply the theoretical concepts from class to real-world simulations. From this, we not only understand the significance of the concepts we absorb, but we further gain a realistic grasp of the applications of this knowledge. Alongside it is beneficial for us to develop our personal skills like teamwork, pitching, time management, analytical thinking, etc.

Networking events, workshops, and initiatives – anything for your personal development

Networking events seem to be a daily meal here at Frankfurt School. Events like these provide ample opportunities for me to talk to people from different backgrounds and get to know their success stories, really motivating me in my professional path. Besides that, participating in guest lectures or workshops with various interesting topics, such as Women in Data Science, Investment Banking or Finance, with guest speakers from targeted firms gives me real exposure to the industry. It helps me understand what I should expect later in the future.

Besides all the hustle, being an active member of a student initiative is not a bad idea, whether it is an academic or a sports initiative. Spending time with like-minded people, discussing ideas with each other and building friendships at university are all crucial for personal development and we all can be more engaged in the FS spirit. I best experienced this as a member of the FS Ambassador Programme. I volunteered on multiple bachelor days, where I met FS students from different countries and courses, all with the goal of recruiting more students to our buzzing community. I was also honoured to represent FS at a university fair in Hamburg, where I was able to build a network in a different part of Germany.

Future opportunities are broadened

Having ambitious classmates is a huge advantage. My peers and I often engage in deep conversations about our future plans, where we bounce ideas off each other and help each other improve our plans. We have many entrepreneurs in my batch who are eager to gain valuable experience before embarking on their individual journeys. FS provides many platforms to gain such experiences through seminars and job fairs where we get to interact with experts in our field of interest. One of my most memorable seminars was the Crypto Assets Conference in 2022. I learned a lot about investment in crypto from notable speakers of well-known standing, such as BitMex, Coinbase and more. Thus, I believe I have unlimited options in terms of my future as I am constantly surrounded and motivated by passionate peers and amazing opportunities engineered by FS.

I am confident that my decision to join the FS is the best choice I have made, and I am sure you would too! I look forward to seeing you as a part of the FS Community soon!