Why I chose the part-time MBA at Frankfurt School
Part-time MBA / 15 October 2019
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Part-time MBA Class of 2021
Achim is an Account Manager at equensWorldline and a candidate for the part-time MBA class of 2021

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Had you asked me a year ago, whether I would ever apply for a Master’s degree, I would have said no. Pursuing a career in sales, I felt work experience, soft skills and attitude were way more important than formal education. Having already completed my Bachelor’s in Business Informatics at Frankfurt School, I felt fully equipped for the professional challenges ahead of me. So why am I now very happy to have completed my second week of the part-time MBA program at Frankfurt School?

The moment that changed my mind

It all started with an invitation from Professor Schulze to the Digital Payments conference at Frankfurt School in November 2018. It was my first time at the new Campus and an eye-opening experience. Walking through the hallways, I felt a rush of energy and excitement running through my veins. Admittedly, I am an easily excitable person, but the spark of attraction and desire to come back to Frankfurt School surprised me. Looking back, I probably made the decision already in that moment and thereafter only used logic to justify the investment to the right half of my brain. While I was very happy with my job as an Account Manager at equensWorldline, I missed the chance to take a step back to see the big picture. A busy schedule rarely allowed for creative out-of-the-box thinking. At Frankfurt School, I now have a safe environment in which I can challenge myself to do things differently and to look at questions from various angles.

Why invest in an MBA, when seemingly all information is freely available on Google?

There is no lack of logical reasons to join an academic program at Frankfurt School, whether it is the excellent professors, who combine the latest research with industry expertise and case studies from intriguing companies, the extensive support from career services or the relentless focus on Student Experience, as demonstrated by the triple crown. As Frankfurt School is continuously growing and improving, I can be sure that my MBA will, like a good bottle of wine, increase in value over time. In addition, the part time MBA is designed to go along with a demanding job, without requiring too many concessions.

But what really got me personally, was the perspective to grow as a person in a highly diverse group with a similar appetite to explore, grow and create. And what can I say after the first two weeks? It is all that I hoped for and more. The class is made up of students from across the globe and a wide range of professional and personal experiences. I can’t wait to start the upcoming courses and to learn from and with my peers.