Why MBA International Healthcare Management / My experience so far
MBA / 12 January, 2017
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MBA International Healthcare Management’ 2018

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As famously quoted “If you choose a job you have great passion for, you will never work a day in your life”. This is the philosophy that I have carried with me and seek to achieve.

While I was practicing as a dentist at one of the leading hospitals in India, I would often have patients who travelled across states to receive good treatment due to the lack of practitioners around them. While it may not be possible for me to single-handedly bridge this gap, I wondered “How can I utilize my talent to make a difference?” That’s when I decided to combine my Medical Skills with Management skills in order to gain a deeper understanding of the Healthcare Industry.

I did my research on various schools across Europe and US and I really liked the way the MBA in International Healthcare Management at Frankfurt School of Finance and Management was designed.

  • Firstly, the prime focus of this programme is on Healthcare unlike most programmes which have healthcare only as an elective.
  • Secondly, its designed for working individuals and can be worked well around the professional schedule.
  • And of-course the learning is not limited to one country, the opportunity to learn, network and travel to various locations across the globe makes it very exciting as well.

The admission team of MBA-IHM has been extremely helpful from the start. I had my fair share of queries while applying and each of them was dealt very promptly and professionally.
Luckily, I got in and I landed in Frankfurt on a cold yet pleasant October morning.

I don’t recall being anxious or nervous about being in a different country or going to a new school. I was expecting a great start and luckily, the first day at school turned out to be as good as expected.

So despite the whole day of lectures, we are an enthusiastic batch, always ready to grab a great dinner.

So despite the whole day of lectures, we are an enthusiastic batch, always ready to grab a great dinner.

I was one of the first ones to reach, and being the peoples person I am, I started chatting with the others who had arrived. It was only a matter of the next few minutes that the whole class mingled with each other and I realised what a great journey it is going to be.

It has, since, been 4 months and I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey so far. The MBA International Healthcare Management course has lived up to its name and designation in every way. The class is diverse from the word go, be it the age groups, medical fields or geographic backgrounds, thereby making it a very versatile batch.

So far we have covered the Accounting and Finance Module, and being a Quintessential Dentist, I hate being around numbers and Excel sheets (really, dentists/doctors hate numbers). I was a bit petrified of these subjects but thanks to the interactive teaching style at Frankfurt School, I didn’t just manage but even enjoyed these subjects.

Because it’s a part-time programme, we do end up learning a lot in a span of few days, but MBA school is not just learning. So despite the whole day of lectures, we are an enthusiastic batch, always ready to grab a great dinner.

I look forward to the modules to follow!