Working Student Diary: Deutsche Bank
Masters / 29 August, 2019
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Master of Finance Class of 2020
Ekaterina is a Master of Finance student and Ambassador at Frankfurt School. She holds a Bachelor in Economics from the Lomonosov Moscow University, Russia.

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As an international coming to Germany, studying and working can be quite challenging but it is not impossible. I see many examples of my classmates being interested in new areas of Finance or accepting job offers at international companies.

I am from Russia and currently in my third semester of the Master of Finance program at Frankfurt School. Apart from my Master’s I also work as a Working Student at Deutsche Bank in the Client Lifecycle Management department.

Being a working student at Deutsche Bank

I am a team member of the Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) team and what it means is, we are creating and implementing new processes for CLM improvement. As you might guess there is a lot of work, but this experience gives an interesting overview of all banking activities connected to SME’s.

It is not a secret that Deutsche Bank is facing multiple issues and challenges right now connected to many areas of their business, but I do believe that it is still one of the biggest players on the market and can offer good work experience. From the very first day I could witness transitions happening at the organization every day and took part in new projects, aimed at bank restructuring.

My typical day at work

My day at work starts with a brief team meeting at 9 a.m. in which we plan working capacities for our daily tasks. This is necessary because my colleagues have their own projects and we need to keep track of all the progress. As I already mentioned, my team is responsible for shaping and optimizing current processes for the CLM department. We help to manage a big variety of bank activities, reaching from: planning and controlling a set of implementations for Brexit, simplifying ways to adopt new clients to adjusting current processes for new BaFin requirements and many more. All topics require an all-rounded approach and good understanding of the bank’s structure and therefore we organize brainstorming sessions ones in a while.

How I take advantage of the 3-day model

Having a 3-day model gives me the wonderful opportunity to both study and get work experience at the same time, which is a huge advantage compared to students at other Universities.

Apart from this, Frankfurt School offers a big variety of extracurricular activities and lectures on relevant topics, which you can attend every week. Combining all these activities in and outside of the classroom gives you  an energetic and challenging lifestyle. Isn’t that an experience worth trying?