The first ever Master in Blockchain & Digital Assets Block Week
25 November 2022
Hagai Leal
Von der Bankausbildung bis hin zur Betriebswirtin: Mein Karriereaufstieg
7 December 2022
Melodi Falahati
The power of imagination
6 December 2022
Ionut Bina
The FS Pre-University Foundation Programme – materialising future careers
11 November 2022
Aaryan Kulkarni
How to build an authentic network in a post-pandemic era – Viva la Vida at FS
23 November 2022
Francesca Paganelli
Implementing Basel IV in the EU
21 November 2022
Annette Blank
How the MBA in International Healthcare Management has defined my career
7 November 2022
Cátia Vieira
A rendezvous with healthcare entrepreneurs during my MBA module in Singapore
18 November 2022
Lisa Jungheim
Study trip to Prague: firm handshakes and autumn bells
17 November 2022
Runjiao Liu
Combining Data-Driven Strategy, Execution and Management
29 September 2022
Denis Loechel
Studying in Frankfurt: the German 'Mainhattan'
15 November 2022
Javier Burbano
Austausch mit FS Absolvierenden – so hat mich das Mentoring-Programm bereichert
14 November 2022
Dominik Schulz
My journey from mechanical engineering to an MBA at FS
2 September 2022
Miguel Novillo-Suarez
Perfectionism – a double-edged sword
10 November 2022
Kai Golan Hashiloni
Rediscovering our relationship with Nature – beyond profit and optimisation
4 November 2022
María José Valverde