100 days past MIB – What happened so far
Alumni / 20 January, 2016
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MIB class of 2015
I am a graduate of the FS MIB (class of 2015), a German/Bavarian native and my strong passion for China stems from an undergraduate in Chinastudes. I grew up in the wider financial services industry and it is important to me that my community and society at large benefit from my work. I do what I do not because it is easy, but because it is hard. And usually also challenging, profitable and fun.

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So far – and I believe this is true for everyone – much has happened after graduating. For me personally, the high pace I lived and learned to love at FS, continued. Obviously, finding a job was the top item on the to-do-list. Therefore, parallel to working as a freelance consultant I applied for jobs in the same area.

The result is that I conclude my freelance project in March and then start as Management Consultant with visco consulting GmbH.

From the beginning

As many knowing me expected, one of my options was a job with or in China. I made quite some efforts finding such a job, however several factors made that difficult: The often-conjured slowdown of the Chinese economy, nearly all entry-level positions can be filled with Chinese, working visa are becoming increasingly scarce and last, the vast majority of positions for foreigners in China are technical. Not to mention structural differences in wage levels and other core determinants of job attractiveness. But an entry-level job is not only about oneself and the income expectation. For me, it is also about how suitable for the job is for the subsequent items on the to-do list for the life, like healthiness of environment or starting a family. Factors that let good old Germany (and especially dear Mainhattan) shine bright again.

During my job search I came across the opportunity to work for Solare Werkstätten GmbH. The company is active in renewables (photovoltaics): Roofmounted systems, solar farms (fields) and off-grid systems. They do the entire project from planning to execution inhouse and together with international logistics (China-EU-Africa), a subsidiary in the UK and projects in Germany, the UK and in Africa, it is a quite exiting interim project. My tasks are setting up a modern and lean ERP-Solution, taking care of the commercial-administrative side of a publicly-funded tender for delivering a number of solar-powered off-grid systems to Madagascar – including production, logistics, installation and training. The second major part is streamlining documents in the administrative-legal area. So there I stood: In a mid-sized company for renewables the Bavarian countryside, and there were still MIB-Parts I could draw on: The international exposure for understanding Chinese suppliers, the regional specialization for dealing with Africa, or international economics for the rules of origin of exported goods.


Now, from the interim present to what I look forward to for the long term: I had the privilege to receive (and accept) an offer from the visco consulting GmbH for a position as Management Consultant. Visco consulting is active in the banking industry and provides management consulting services. Within that, it focusses on (strategic) project management, often in combination with IT. Communication aspects receive special attention. Thus improvements in project coordination and -progress are achieved through mediating, advising and/or executing in projects.

I got to know visco consulting on the FS CAREER DAY 2015 and it was clear that they had sent ´real people´, people who had something to say and did so in a convincing and relaxed manner – no ´please find that on our website´. And so I got a feeling of the company, which is an important thing for me. This conversation laid the foundation for a swift, transparent and pleasant application process. The steps were an e-mail application – a phone interview – interviews in person – an offer. What convinced me was the feeling of competence and the clarity in communication, but most of all the fairness and respect in treatment I experienced throughout the application process.

As I will be starting in April 2016, it is premature to go into further details, but I am full of confidence to have joined a company that has, can and will succeed. Furthermore I know that I will learn much, grow and have a demanding but rewarding and fun job.

A last remark

I admit, I found visco consulting by chance. But isn´t going to Frankfurt School just that: Consciously exposing yourself to the right set of chances, actively shaping your environment and getting to know the ´right´ people? People that don´t think themselves above others, people that work harder and faster than many others, people that always keep the open mind and the open eyes that let them spot the opportunities that others overlook. People that are makers, shapers, creaters in confidence and responsibility. – People like I found them especially in my dear MIB!