A big decision I made at the right time
Executive MBA / 14 April, 2021
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Executive MBA Class of 2022
Marcus is currently studying in the Executive MBA programme at Frankfurt School in the class of 2022. He has over 20 years of professional experience in audit, compliance, and risk management. Currently, he is employed at AirPlus International and is responsible for Risk, Resilience and Control.

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In 2008, as I sat at my desk in Canary Wharf watching the employees of Lehman Brothers stream out of the building, clutching their belongings and trying to avoid questions of news reporters, I realised that I was witnessing an event that would have a far reaching impact on the world.  It was around this time that I decided to enroll in an MBA programme.

Time to act 

At that time, I was still relatively early on in my career, I had however through my roles as an external auditor and risk manager a good understanding of the business world, economics, and finance. The events that I experienced in 2008 in London made me realise that there was still much to learn and that the world of business can have significant impact on the real world and society.

As is often the case in life, the plan that I had formulated, changed, and evolved over time.  Ultimately, I ended up in Germany and my focus was on learning the language and establishing my career and private life in this new country.  However, the plan and the will to complete and MBA never left me.

The perfect fit

When I started looking into which programme may best suit me, I very quickly came to the decision that I would like to study at Frankfurt School.  An obvious benefit was the location, which was convenient for me, but what really drew me to the Executive MBA at Frankfurt School, was how integrated the school into the business world in Frankfurt, Germany, and throughout Europe through its history, strong alumni, network and the active role it continues to play.  In addition, the structure of the Executive MBA programme, which is tailor-made for people with busy schedules and demanding roles, was particularly appealing for me.

First impressions

Now, after 6 months into the programme, I can say with absolute certainty that it was the right decision.  Clearly the pandemic has brought with it challenges and it has been a shame to not be physically on campus with my fellow candidates.  However, in one respect the timing could not have been better – the additional time afforded by the not having to commute and travel has been of benefit, and having 45 other managers, as my classmates, to share this difficult time with and learn from their experiences has been a tremendous help.

Just as the world changed forever after the events in 2008, the same will be the case this time around. An Executive MBA is a great way finding a framework to process these changes and to positively contribute to the world that we will all need to rebuild and reshape in the coming years.