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From Manila to Mainhattan: My Executive MBA journey
20 March 2024
Mary Joy Mendiola
Navigating Growth: Charting My Course Through the Frankfurt School Executive MBA
10 May 2024
Nischita Prasad
The empowering message of music & role models: How they inspired me to study for Executive MBA
2 October 2023
Tina Van Hoecke
Digital Transformation and AI: A road map for industries and tech firms
12 January 2024
Srinivasa Pappala
How to achieve work-life balance while studying for your EMBA
11 August 2023
Erekle Tolordava
Embracing ambiguity
3 August 2023
Gaetano Fusillo
My incredible EMBA journey and the unwavering support of Frankfurt School
16 November 2023
Mridula Singh
An ode to people
2 February 2023
Ioana Thompson
Geopolitics for Organizations – tools to navigate a challenging world
12 December 2022
Elter Nehemias Santos Barbosa
My 'Halfway There' with the FS EMBA
8 June 2023
Grigori Garbouzov
My first impressions as part of the Executive MBA Class of 2024
11 October 2022
Hector Arenas
People, Planet, Profit: a trend or a business essential?
19 September 2022
Patricia Oliveira
My Executive MBA: A journey within and beyond
20 January 2023
Shuo Zhang
Moving out of my comfort zone into an inspiring network
25 August 2022
Carlos Torres
One year later: reflecting on my Executive MBA journey
29 July 2022
Angelo Gibaldo