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Dancing into the Executive MBA
6 April, 2021
Jason Jacobs
My opportunity to grow in uncertain times
10 June, 2021
Julie Michaud-Bernlochner
Mindfulness in the Executive MBA – becoming aware of your personal growth
2 June, 2021
Daniel Hambrock
My new role: Lawyer to Business operations with an EMBA
7 January, 2021
Kari Foss
Starting a new chapter in life by following my instinct
21 April, 2021
Alessandro Ottaviani
How the Executive MBA programme contributed to changing my history
16 April, 2021
Marco Lemessi
My Hybrid Learning Experience at Frankfurt School
9 December, 2020
Mike Thaler
A big decision I made at the right time
14 April, 2021
Marcus Sweeney
How the Executive MBA challenges me to be better
15 March, 2021
Christina Rusnak
EMBA on top of a PhD: A powerful duo
23 September, 2020
Julie Michaud-Bernlochner
Why my Executive MBA was a life-changing experience
1 February, 2021
Rebeca Valdés
How an Executive MBA helped me step out of my comfort zone
26 January, 2021
Roland Schindler
My personal experience of the Executive MBA
6 June, 2019
Nina Duft
Executive MBA: One of my best investments
18 December, 2020
Angelo Gibaldo
The journey begins: EMBA class of 2022
13 November, 2020
Alessandro Ottaviani