A Clear Mind Leads to a Clear Path: The Conscious Leader Workshop
Career Services / 3 July 2020
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Full-time MBA Class of 2020
Katja is currently pursuing her MBA at Frankfurt School. She has a background in business administration and engineering and previously worked as a project manager in research & development at Daimler AG. She is very passionate about learning and personal development.

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Recently Frankfurt School Career Services offered a great two-day webinar with the business and life mindset coach and speaker Mario Lanzarotti. This MBA workshop was about conscious leaders and leadership. I am very happy to share my insights with you in this blog post.

The Conscious Leader

In the beginning, Mario introduced the concept of a conscious leader. A conscious leader is characterized by a high level of self-awareness and the right flow of energy. If you focus on things that are right and important to you this is where your energy will flow and where you will be passionate and successful. Conscious leaders are driven by purpose and collaboration, take over full responsibility and are open-minded. From my perspective, I think these properties are especially important in a globalized, interconnected world.

This also reflects what I learnt during my MBA journey. Many of you might think that there are a lot of competitors in business schools but my fellowstudents and me do not see each other as competitors. We acknowledge our diverse backgrounds, experiences and skills and rather collaborate as well as help each other to learn and achieve our goals.

Leading Yourself

If you want to lead others you first need to lead yourself. The challenge is that actions, decisions, emotions and behavior are controlled by the subconscious mind. The conscious mind only makes up 5% of our cognitive abilities. This makes it so difficult to change and to expand our personal comfort zones because the mind prefers going back to the status quo. This is how you can improve and grow:

Become aware of yourself, be more resourceful by knowing what you are good at and get more powerful by focussing your energy right and by knowing where you want to go. All human beings are driven by the same forces – their values, beliefs, needs and emotions. Take the time and deal with yourself. This is a journey and it will not be easy but it is definitely worth it because only a clear mind can perform, grow and follow clear paths. Personally, I started including this personal development in my morning routine.

The Authenticity Filter

One of my favorite learnings I would like to share with you is the authenticity filter. It is not about putting an Instagramlike filter on who you really are but about filtering who you want to be with in life. It encourages you to be your natural and authentic self. Therefore, you create space and attract those belonging to you and empowering you.

Leading Others

Leading people is not only about a result (what) and the approach (how) but must also include a reason and a deeper sense (why) – an overall purpose. This purpose is the true driving reason behind our actions. Contributing to a higher meaning makes people thrive.

The key for long-term success is empowering the people around you. And again it starts with yourself: leading by example, appealing to higher motives, taking full ownership and living with integrity. Real leaders empower and develop others to also become conscious and successful leaders. Personally, I am convinced that anything you give comes back to you.

Another key factor for leadership success is authentic and conscious communication, e.g. tools such as non-violent communication according to Marshall Rosenberg.

The workshop happened in a very enjoyable and open atmosphere including interactive elements such as group work and small individual coachings. This workshop tops off my MBA experience and I can definitely recommend it to future students and leaders.

I would like to thank my MBA fellow students participating in this workshop and to FS Career Services for organizing such events. My special thanks go to Mario for this amazing, enriching and inspiring experience!