A glimpse into my unforgettable journey at the 16th Solvay Business Game
Master in Management / 6 April 2023
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Master in Management Class of 2024
Sachin is studying in the Master in Management programme, specialising in Global Strategy at Frankfurt School. He is currently working at Société Générale Corporate Investment Banking in the Finance Department. Sachin also serves as an elected member of Frankfurt School Student Council.

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I recently had the honour of representing Frankfurt School of Finance & Management at the 16th Edition of the Solvay Business Game, Europe’s largest international business challenge event, in Brussels. Held on 10 and 11 March, this prestigious competition welcomed 275 bright minds from around the world, offering an exceptional opportunity for us to showcase our skills, network with MNCs and form relationships with students from diverse backgrounds. The major partners and sponsors for this year’s event included McKinsey & Company, BDO, SNCB, Allianz and Microsoft.

Getting selected

The selection process for the Solvay Business Game consists of two rounds. In the first round, I submitted my application along with my CV. After qualifying for the second round, I took an aptitude test that lasted for approximately 2 hours. My performance in the test, combined with my outstanding CV, earned me a spot in the competition.

A whirlwind of challenges

The Solvay Business Game featured a variety of challenges designed to test our mettle in various aspects of the business world. Here are the highlights of my experiences during the competition:

  • Pitch Challenge by McKinsey & Company: My team and I participated in this challenge, which was based on a real McKinsey situation, where I had to help social investors solve societal problems using future technologies. I focused on the social impact of our project and delivered a creative, well-structured and engaging pitch to convince the jury.
  • Negotiation Challenge by BDO: In this challenge, my team and I negotiated the terms of a deal with another team, basing our decisions on real figures. It was a thrilling experience as we tried to secure the best possible outcome for our efforts.
  • Strategy Challenge by Luminus: This challenge tested our strategic decision-making skills, as we were tasked with developing a long-term strategy for a firm using real facts and figures. Our goal was to maximise the company’s competitive advantage. 

My experience in a nutshell

The entire experience of participating in the Solvay Business Game was exhilarating. Working under pressure with a team of strangers, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, was both challenging and rewarding. Within just three hours, I managed to brainstorm ideas, design an execution plan and create a polished PowerPoint presentation.

Key aspects of the Solvay Business Game

I had to challenge myself and faced five distinct challenges that tested my problem-solving and decision-making abilities. The competition provided me with an excellent platform to meet and impress industry leaders and build valuable connections. The focus on real-life business cases allowed me to gain a practical understanding of everyday problems. The Solvay Business Game was not only an educational experience but also a fun and memorable event.

Key learnings & conclusion

Throughout the competition, I gained valuable insights into team dynamics, the importance of practice and preparation and the necessity of maintaining a structured and analytical approach.

Representing Frankfurt School at the 16th Edition of the Solvay Business Game was a privilege, and I am extremely grateful for the sponsorship and support I received from Frankfurt School. I attribute a large part of my success in the competition to the concepts and skills I learned in my Master in Management programme, particularly in modules such as Sustainable Strategic Management by Professor Dr. Markus Fitza and Financial Analysis and Performance Management by Professor Dr. Hari Ramasubramanian.

These modules helped me to approach the case studies in a structured and analytical manner, which was crucial given the limited time I had to complete them. I am thrilled that my team secured a spot among the Top 5 in the Negotiation Challenge. I highly recommend participating in such competitions for personal growth, learning and case practice.