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Master in Management

How blockchain took me back to Frankfurt School
10 January 2023
Eduard Grigorjan
MiM Alumni gathering: a scintillating afternoon at Kloster Eberbach
28 March 2023
Yash Mehta
Semester opening at the European Central Bank: the spirit of the union
23 February 2023
Aleksandr Molodets
Gaining insights into M&A with EY Parthenon
6 June 2022
Anna Zens
Study trip to Prague: firm handshakes and autumn bells
17 November 2022
Runjiao Liu
How FS welcomed the new Master in Management intake
1 November 2022
Sarah König
Our semester opening with the European Central Bank
16 February 2022
Trang Minh Truong
My double life as a student and intern at Goldman Sachs
4 August 2022
Ana Ximena Malo Reynaga
Connecting Theory to Reality – My experience at HEC Business Game
2 August 2022
Tushar Madan
My first hands-on business case study with Procter & Gamble
18 January 2022
Bianca Westwood
Living la dolce vita – my semester abroad in Rome
21 June 2022
Alicia Fuchs Mateo
How my experience in Journalism and Social Sciences translates into Management
2 May 2022
Maximilian Roesgen
Internship at Visa – dipping my toes in the water of digital payments
4 October 2021
Mona Jasmin Baumann
The cost of living in Frankfurt from a student's perspective
9 March 2022
Parv Shroff
How I landed a job at P&G during my master studies
22 February 2022
Alice Friedl