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Master in Management

Studying and living in Frankfurt: An international student's experience
9 February 2024
Sachin Baid
Reflections from my experience at the Sant'Anna Business Game 2023
19 January 2024
Sachin Baid
Master alum success story: Daimler Truck IT transformation case study
9 November 2023
Niklas Kuchinke
Learning by doing: How FS and PwC prepare me for my future in digital business
2 February 2024
Tatjana Maksimovic
Three tips to make the most out of your time at Frankfurt School
24 July 2023
Maximilian Roesgen
Competing Globally: FS students’ journey & success at the HEC Business Game 2023
15 May 2023
Florian Schlösser
Mastering work-study balance in the Master in Management programme
16 October 2023
Isabell Marie Obst
My Experiential Learning journey: a perfect mix between business and culture
4 May 2023
Adriana Vitvitchi
MiM Alumni gathering: a scintillating afternoon at Kloster Eberbach
28 March 2023
Yash Mehta
A glimpse into my unforgettable journey at the 16th Solvay Business Game
6 April 2023
Sachin Baid
Semester opening at the European Central Bank: the spirit of the union
23 February 2023
Aleksandr Molodets
Study trip to Prague: firm handshakes and autumn bells
17 November 2022
Runjiao Liu
How blockchain took me back to Frankfurt School
10 January 2023
Eduard Grigorjan
How FS welcomed the new Master in Management intake
1 November 2022
Sarah König
My double life as a student and intern at Goldman Sachs
4 August 2022
Ana Ximena Malo Reynaga