A stimulating environment for my personal and professional growth
Master in Data Analytics & Management / 18 August 2021
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Master in Data Analytics & Management Class of 2023
Denis Loechel works as an Engagement Manager at DataSpark GmbH & Co. while pursuing a part-time Master in Data Analytics & Management degree to further develop his skills.

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While originally from Frankfurt, I’ve spent the better part of a decade abroad, growing up in Shanghai as well as spending time in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. My time abroad has exposed me to a plethora of cultural experiences that I will cherish for a lifetime and which I’ll bring with me to Frankfurt School.

Combining technological depth and flexibility

 My work experience as an Associate Consultant at Forrester Research has exposed me to a wide array of technologies, interesting projects, interesting clients, and smart colleagues and has led to an avid interest and personal development in data and emerging technologies. Both my professional exposure and personal interest have firmly entrenched the belief in me that data analytics and its subsequent use cases in machine learning, deep learning, blockchain, IoT, and its ethical application are among the most important issues and questions affecting both society and business in our lifetime.

Something that spoke to me and was a distinct deciding factor was the open and international environment and culture Frankfurt School provides its students with and encourages. Another deciding factor was the combination of state-of-art technology such as the AI Lab and an intellectually stimulating environment set for personal and professional growth with the overall programme structure. The MSc in Data Analytics and Management merges my international, academic, and professional background while also providing me with an experience rich in technological depth and breadth, real-world applicability, and a framework for decision-making for the most pressing technology and business decisions in the future.

Nevertheless, one needs a flexible environment to learn, practice, and succeed with any initiative, and due to the flexibility that is provided with the block-week model, the structured learning and a focus on practical technology development throughout the programme, the fit seemed perfect, and for me, it was a given that I would apply.

Eager to learn

The MSc in Data Analytics and Management programme, for me, is the perfect intersection between my personal and professional interest in data and emerging technologies.

Over the course of my studies, I would like to further expand my programming skills and gain a more practical understanding of machine learning, deep learning, and IoT. Additionally, I look forward to gaining insights on business models associated with data analytics, on the building up of organisational capabilities at scale while also building a purpose & data-driven digital transformation that include ethical and future requirements necessary for leading digital transformation effectively.