Advice for fellow MoF applicants
Master of Finance / 14 February, 2018
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Master of Finance Class of 2020
Nikolas is a Master of Finance class of 2020 student.

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Hi! My name is Nikolas Domingues Duisberg, I am 21 years old and I am just finishing my bachelor’s degree this year. I was born and raised in Brasil, where I attended a German School and successfully completed my Abitur. A few months later I moved to Frankfurt to start my bachelor’s degree. Fast forward 4-5 semesters and I applied to the Master of Finance at Frankfurt School!

Tips throughout the MoF  admissions process

Looking back at the admissions process I have to say it was handled very professionally! I can assure you that if you have any questions you can always count on the admissions staff and just give them a ring. You always get them on the phone!

But I am pretty sure you won’t have any, it’s very simple and straight forward. Don’t hesitate to apply, and make sure to be yourself in what you write on your essays, that’s essential to conveying who you are to the admission officers. Remember, they look at thousands of applications, writing anything that really isn’t you won’t get you on the good pile of applications!

Choosing my concentration

Another point you should really consider while applying is taking a good look at the concentrations offered for your chosen master’s degree! I for instance am definitely choosing Corporate Finance. Since I already gathered some practical experience in corporate finance and could see myself following a career in corporate finance related departments it’s an easy choice. Think about what really got you going during your bachelor degree or at your internships! But there is nothing to worry if you can’t choose yours yet, I am sure we will get a load of information during the first semester!

For further information on the Master of Finance, feel free to contact