Alumni Insights: Presentation Skills Workshop with Scott Rosen
Executive MBA / 9 April, 2019
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Executive MBA Class of 2017
Scott is a former Merrill Lynch executive and finance veteran with over two decades of experience on Wall Street. As a nationally top ranked performer within the Wealth Management division at Bank of America, he has given multiple presentations to some of the bank’s largest retail, family office and institution clients. A Frankfurt School alumni, Scott is now the managing director of SRCC Impera GmbH, an international capital and management consulting company specializing in helping businesses develop their pitch and locate funding.

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The importance of presentation skills: In today’s marketplace, one of the most important talents we depend upon, often goes overlooked. The ability to portray ourselves and our ideas to others in an effective manner, is a crucial element for almost every career path. From the sales floor to the board room, every person should have a well-developed presentation skillset. Knowing how to create and then execute a solid presentation can make or break a career. In my own Executive MBA experience, we led a series of group projects with four people from different cultural or professional backgrounds. This worked to help us develop team and integration management, giving us the opportunity to demonstrate our existing proficiencies, but did not serve to focus our individual capabilities.  Professionally speaking, business schools can teach you all you need to know about finance, economic theory and managerial practices, but they often miss the prospect to help their students enhance and develop their public speaking skills on a more direct level.

The Workshop at Frankfurt School

Frankfurt School recognized this after listening to their own students, and took steps to remedy the situation. This workshop was established upon their demand, to help executives learn what they need to create a solid deck, and how to portray a better performance to their audience. From individuals to board rooms, C-Suite to large conference halls, we intuitively show the students what it takes to control a room, and how to handle the pressure when they are standing in the spotlight.  What makes this program so unique is its candidness towards making mistakes and how to counter them. Everything is based upon real world experience. Issues such as speaking in a foreign language or getting stuck on a difficult question are real world possibilities. Thus, the program contains real world solutions to authentic problems the students will encounter. Topics range from tips on how to keep your flow going when you have lost your place, to the ABCs for creating and executing a CEO level presentation. We also go into detail about how to channel nervousness, and the ongoing struggle to look relaxed while still remaining professional. The goal is to fill the gap towards helping everyone develop their skillsets as individuals, so they may create and perform better presentations in their professional lives. As an added bonus, the students work to develop, hone, and pitch their own startup teaser, which serves towards one of their thesis options.



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