Prof. Dr. Christian Schmaltz

Research Fellow at Frankfurt School

Prof. Dr. Christian Schmaltz is a consultant for risk management. As part of his PhD with Prof. Heidorn from Frankfurt School, he set up and described "A Quantitative Model for Liquidity Banks". In addition to the preparatory course for the Certified Corporate Treasurer VDT, Mr. Schmaltz teaches the module "liquidity management" in the MBA at the Moscow Academy of Finance. In the Master's programme at the Frankfurt School, he teaches "bank controlling." Apart from gaining teaching and seminar experience at Frankfurt School, he worked as a statistics tutor at the University of Karlsruhe and as a consultant at Deloitte. After completing training as a banker, Christian Schmaltz studied industrial engineering at Karlsruhe and Economics in Paris. Through an internship at the Treasury, he gained insight knowledge of the processes and methods in this area. Dr. Schmaltz is Adjunct Professor at EADA Business School (Barcelona) and affiliated with Aspect Advisory as well as Signature Management Consultants.

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