The call of management… can you hear it?
Master in Management / 8 January, 2019
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Master in Management, class of 2018.
Tobias Hertel is a Master in Management, class of 2018.

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When I was asked to write a blog post about my decision to switch from a bachelor’s degree in communications and media management to a master’s study of management at the Frankfurt School I thought: “Well, that’s a no-brainer! What else should I have done?” But as I reflected on my decision I realized that there were a lot of other things I could have done. For example, I could have continued working as a journalist and head for the position of an Anchorman, I could have also continued working for a PR Agency or I could have followed my once biggest dream of working for a film production company – just to mention a few possible career tracks and options to follow my bachelor’s degree. But instead, I chose to attend the Master in Management program at the Frankfurt School.

The Choice

Is it a bigger decision for a MINT-student to switch to management, than it is for a communications and media student? I’d say no and here is why: Everything needs to be managed

If you realize, through your bachelor studies, that you are more appealed by analyzing, organizing and orchestrating the things you learn about, then you hear the call of management! If you think, well it’s nice to work in a laboratory, but how do all the fancy tools and technologies are delivered and distributed? Then you hear the call of management. And if you stand in front of a camera, doing interviews or writing an article but start to think about, how is my content delivered to the audience? Then you hear the call of management.

I heard the call! I wanted to understand how a media company must organize its processes to efficiently distribute media content while securing sufficient revenues. I wanted to learn how today’s organizations must be set up to achieve these and similar goals. So I needed to learn how good old management works, in a very dynamic and technological driven world. For me, Frankfurt School was the right place to receive all the necessary tools, concepts and knowledge to analyze processes and organizational structures.

So, the question is not “Why should a student in media and communications change subject to management?” But the question is “Do you think analyzing and optimizing organizations, orchestrating processes and being able to create a whole company with its complete value chain from scratch is cool?”

If you can answer this question with yes, take a look here.

The Outcome

So what did the master’s program give me as outcomes?

  • I learned a lot! I was provided with all the necessary tools and knowledge to analyze companies, evaluate business models and design efficient process chains. Besides having subjects focused on strategy, digital business, HR, ethics and many more!
  • I am currently work for a consultancy company in the financial service sector and it is an awesome job!
  • I was able to meet many cool and brilliant fellow students from all around the globe and have now an international network of friends!
  • I received a master’s Degree from a university with a superior international recognition and a great program, which is constantly developing and collaborating with great companies and international universities!

To conclude this whole post: If you are right now contemplating to transition from media and communications to management – Just do it!