Double life as a Consultant and FS Master Student
Master in Applied Data Science / 11 October, 2018
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Business Consultant
Frank Musseleck ist seit 2018 Business Consultant bei msgGillardon und betreut Banken im Umfeld Kalkulation, strategisches Preismanagement und Forecast. Außerdem ist er Referent bei Akademieveranstaltungen und Inhouse-Seminaren. Nach seiner Ausbildung war der gelernte Bankkaufmann und Betriebswirt mehrere Jahre im Controlling der Saarländischen Landesbank (SaarLB) tätig und betreute dort die Themen Planung, Hochrechnung und Ergebnisspaltung. Zurzeit absolviert er berufsbegleitend seinen Master (Master of Finance, M.Sc.) an der Frankfurt School of Finance and Management in Frankfurt/Main.

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“Ring ring”. My alarm clock is merciless. Look at my watch: 4:45 in the morning. “Ring ring”. I’m getting up, take a shower and pack all my belongings in my small trolley. It’s Thursday – Saturday. My lecture starts at 9:45. The problem is that I’m in Berlin and have to get to Frankfurt by then. So I make my way to the airport to fly from Berlin to Frankfurt. In the last two days, I helped a savings bank to improve the calculation of its variable products. This is something I really like about my job: I can apply what I learned during my studies right away in practice and with my clients. After my apprenticeship in a bank, I worked in the Controlling Department of a federal Bank for 7 Years. At that time, I wanted to continue with the Master in Finance at the Frankfurt School after completing my bachelor’s degree.

Flexible working hours and the 3-Day Model

Unlike a working student, I have chosen to work part-time. This was only possible because my job is scalable. Therefore, I am working on projects 3 days a week and spend 3 days a week studying at Frankfurt school.

Frankfurt School offers the 3-day model. That means the lectures takes place on 3 pre-determined days (in my case Thursday, Friday and Saturday), so I can focus on working during the remaining days.

On the other hand, my employer msgGillardon (which is part of the msg group) also supports me. msgGillardon makes it possible that I can structure working time flexibly so that I work less if I have exams at the university and work more during the semester break. In addition, thanks to my laptop and mobile phone, I am able to work remotely.

Speaking of working remotely:
Frankfurt School’s online platform makes it possible to access study materials from anywhere and you always have a well-kept schedule. The time in which you had to drag heavy folders and books to university is fortunately over.

After the security check and before the boarding I can review the appointments for next week, write a customer mail quickly, or go through my schedule for the next lectures.

Established and demanded concentrations

I have had my eye on the Frankfurt School Master of Finance for some time. In doing so, I noticed the concentrations that have consistently aligned with market demand. For example, there is the concentration risk management – a field in which many employees are currently being sought. I will probably choose the concentration “Financial Advisory”. This includes focal points in project management and decision-making. Skills that will help me a lot in my professional life.

Benefits of working alongside your studies

I review the last six months as the plane goes into descent: new job, new studies, more stress. Overall, I have the impression that time has gone by really quickly. I started at msgGillardon and did not know anybody. Now I can say that I have the best colleagues who give me a lot of support and who enjoy working together because we are all motivated.

So would I do it again?

Here is my advice: If you have the opportunity to work alongside studying, then it’s absolutely necessary. You learn so quickly and  much more than ever before. Moreover, if you like Banking, Consulting and the combination of the two I can strongly recommend msgGillardon as an employer as you don’t need to have a specific professional background. This is also possible if you search an internship or a job as a working student. I am happy to meet you on the msgGillardon Stand at the Career Day.

After that thought the captain speaks: “Welcome to Frankfurt, the capital city of finance”. Immediately, a smile comes to my face.