Being an exchange student at FS: My visit to Mainhattan
Student Initiatives / 15 December 2020
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Exchange Student BSc 2020
Cédric is an International Business Bachelor student at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. He attended Frankfurt School for an exchange semester during the winter 2020. He is involved in promoting local emerging artists through ConnectArt, a non-profit organization he started with some friends.

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I was lucky to arrive in Frankfurt on a warm and sunny August day. Leaving home is never easy, especially given the current situation with the COVID-19 global pandemic. Prior to my arrival, I had been paired with Tim, a German student from the Frankfurt School Buddy Program, who was extremely helpful in answering all my questions and guiding me through the steps of getting settled in—he even offered to come get me at the airport!

Bonds Were Instantly Created

Day two after getting here, Frankfurt School organized an orientation day where I met my fellow exchange students and was provided with additional tips and information in order to make sure my experience would be trouble-free. Bonds were instantly created within the group of international students. During the first weeks, the Buddies organized extracurricular activities for us to discover what we could enjoy beyond the walls of the school. We were all eager to go around Frankfurt and see what the city had to offer. We went to traditional German restaurants and sipped some Apfelwein, a local specialty. The Buddies also brought us to Sachsenhausen where we found many bars to enjoy our evenings altogether. They also arranged activities during the day along the Main River with a spectacular view of the impressive Frankfurt skyline.

An Active Campus Life during a Pandemic

Given the special situation and uncertainty concerning the global pandemic, I inevitably encountered a few problems in terms of settling in with most city services running at a slower pace. However, I was beyond relieved and thankful to hear that FS gave its students the option to attend class in person in such a beautiful and well-maintained campus. The fact that the school remained open throughout my exchange semester made it so convenient for my studies. The campus is an amazing space to learn —whether at the library or in the many tastefully curated rooms available to students. The staff and lecturers truly accommodate all students’ needs and deliver informative lectures.

A Beautiful Place to Call Home Away From Home

Frankfurt as a city is dynamic and friendly. You’ll find many like-minded people in similar situations making it easy to meet new people and build friendships. Getting around by train is convenient and Frankfurt’s airport offers a great variety of destinations. During my exchange, I had the chance to explore the country and even enjoyed a quick getaway in Spain! Frankfurt is inclusive, international, and a beautiful place to call home away from home. I really appreciated feeling that I belonged at Frankfurt School; it is a welcoming and integrating environment that has absolutely enhanced my overall university experience.