From Exchange Student to MoF Student
Master of Finance / 8 June, 2017
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Master of Finance Class of 2018
Abdelaziz is a Master of Finance Class of 2018 student and a FS Ambassador.

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Choosing a Master’s program is, of course, not the easiest decision to make. My decision was to join FS and you are probably wondering how it all began.

I had to select a partner university for my Bachelor’s exchange year. After four months of researching various European and American universities, FS stood out to me; largely due to its strong ranking and the possibility to study finance in the financial capital of Europe.  Thus, my FS journey began.

However, my quest did not end there. I was always intrigued by how proud Frankfurt School is of the Master of Finance programme. I became enriched with detailed information from current students and by attending the Master Evening info sessions. I found the excellent reputation and the extremely bright career prospects particularly appealing. The programme has an outstanding research team which provides students with the latest findings in the field. We have the option to make the program our own, deepening our knowledge in our desired area of finance. The numerous international accreditations also strongly justified my choice. With that said, I was determined to apply for the program. Some may ask why I wanted to complete my Master’s at the same university that I did my exchange? Well, once you are in – believe me – you never want to be out.

And so the story goes: applications, assessment test, interviews, selection process and the most exciting email of all: “Congratulations, you have been accepted for the MoF programme!”

I am now in my second semester, and perhaps you are wondering whether I regret it or not? Well, definitely not. I experience something new and exciting as every day passes – of course besides the long nights spent in the library.

If I had to recommend the MoF program to a future student, I would tell them these three simple points:

  • Frankfurt is the place to be for a finance career, you can as well benefit from a large alumni network.
  • A programme which continuously improves in international rankings every year.
  • A confluence of diverse international environment of more than 40 nationalities.

Perhaps I will see you at the brand new FS campus next semester!