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EEG-Novelle 2021: Gesteigerte Ambitionen, aber noch Licht und Schatten
8 October, 2020
Jan Andreas
Mehr Diversität in der Digitalisierung: Initiative #SheTransformsIT
3 December, 2020
Michelle Neumann
Zukunft im Controlling: digital, prognostisch, mehrdimensional
15 October, 2020
Prof. Dr. Ronald Gleich
Why do we talk about “new” business development?
29 July, 2020
Dr. Götz Volkenandt
New Business Development: Chatbots vs. persönliche Kompetenzen?
14 October, 2020
Dr. Götz Volkenandt
Führungskompetenzen und ihre Bedeutung in der TGA-Branche
2 October, 2020
Michelle Neumann
Hospital management: what medical directors need to know about investment and finance
2 July, 2020
Prof. Dr. Georg Schlichting
Lifelong learning and how Frankfurt School can help you
22 September, 2020
Michelle Neumann
Von der Work-Life-Balance zum Work-Life-Flow
10 September, 2020
Michelle Neumann
“Closed-door” seminars: Continuing education without in-person attendance is like Premier League football without spectators
8 June, 2020
Thomas Kohrs
Supervisory boards in times of crisis
18 August, 2020
Christian Schätzlein
Treat digitisation as a threat – and you’ve already lost
11 August, 2020
Michelle Neumann
Will the coronavirus change our payment habits in the long term?
15 May, 2020
Michelle Neumann
Mobile payments: attitudes in Germany start to shift
10 August, 2020
Michelle Neumann
The ECB is breaking the law! Or maybe not…?
10 August, 2020
Thomas Kohrs