Outstanding First Month at Frankfurt School
FS Life / 9 November, 2015
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MiM class of 2017
Pei Ju is a current student in the MiM Class of 2017.

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Before the semester started, I had had some doubts on the 3-day module of the school: Wouldn’t it be too relaxing for a master student? And what if the city is really boring, how should I spend the rest of the days in the week?   Now the semester has started for a month, and I think I got my answers and some personal discoveries of Frankfurt School.

As everyone knows Frankfurt School is very international and provides high quality education. I must say : IT IS TRUE!

I am a first semester student of Master in Management(MiM), and nearly one third of the students of „MiM“ are internationals. I really appreciate this part because it is always interesting to find out diverse perspectives on one topic. A group of internationals always sparks exciting ideas. Moreover, during the process of interact with international students, you get the chance to learn different accents from all over the world!

Besides,not only high quality but also high quantity workload will be given during the days. That means, you have to put a lot of efforts to review and research the topics a professor has assigned to you. For example, after a week of accounting courses, we were asked to analyze the financial statement of a big company. It was a lot of pressure, but indeed we learned a lot of practical knowledge from this process! As the FS said on the website, they provide “Analytical knowledge combined with a strong practical understanding”.

Hope I didn’t scare you too much about the assignments. There are actually a lot more interesting things about the school life. FS have held several events for new coming students : Outdoor Campus, Welcome party, Orientation Week, BBQ …etc.

The Outdoor Campus especially brought a lot of fun since it allowed new coming students to know each other from different Masters’ programme and work as a team for two days. And throughout the games, we learned to listen to opinions from different background and respect to each others perspectives. I must say the activity is very impressive because usually outdoor campus is about playing games and knowing new people. But here in Frankfurt School they provided not only games, but also trainers accompanied us throughout the games. After the games,the trainers led our team into deep discussions about what our strength and weakness were, and how could we fix it. Therefore, we learned precious values through the process.

For new coming students, I totally understand how exciting and worried you are about the new life in Frankfurt School. But there should be no worries. The Orientation Week was greatly helpful for new students, since the student advisors would introduce almost everything about our school, such as what can we do with our student ID, what is online campus , and what career service office and do for us…etc. And senior students were also there to show us around the campus and answer all our questions about the school.