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The Frankfurt School Curve

August 6, 2015
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Every action has a reaction and every reaction has a counter action – “The Pattern”. We all follow –“The Pattern” no matter when but have you ever pondered how this conforms in context of international students at FS. Take my experience, the action was initiated when I wrote the FSAT, the reaction was the selection and counter action would be to overcome all the exciting complexities associated with the Frankfurt School journey ahead, more specifically, to travel along the trajectories of Frankfurt School Curve, which ultimately will leads to titanic productivity. In order to achieve the productivity by our counter actions we as international students need to sail across below mentioned “5 variable paths” of Frankfurt School curve. Interestingly, to make it more relevant with our business focused curriculum, I further fuse these paths lucidly with complexities International organization faces while playing Game of Globalization (or Thrones)! The intention of writing is to make you aware about the complexities the International students and organizations face on the same paths concurrently, although overcoming them with slight intelligentsia would lead to immense productivity.


ASSUMPTION: Distance to travel on paths of curve signifies complexity level.

The paths are the synonym of opportunities which we have to grab by overcoming complexities they offer while travelling Frankfurt School Curve, high distance travel along a path states harshness a path offers or a lack of competency and skill set by an individual concerning particular path but synchronously ensures high order productivity if handled with intelligentsia, this establish variability in distance travelled along paths by individual. Think of New Horizon journey to Pluto, the magnitude of travelling distance (here in billion miles!) offers huge complexity, if it had not used Jupiter’s gravity for assistance and nuclear fuel, the New Horizons mission would have taken an extra three years to reach Pluto! Handling this complexity with innovative approach that comes with astronomical distance has ensured immense productivity.


Like a well defined curve, the formulation of Frankfurt School Curve mapped by me relies on Framework which incorporates 5 paths on which International students and organizations certainly have to travel, although the distance travelled along various paths would possibly vary as according to individual potential and path harshness.

CURVE 5 VARIABLE PATHS: C=Cultural, U=Upstairs (Administration), R=Realization, V=Variation across geographies, E=Economic.



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C PATH: I have always been inclined towards captivating German culture, yet our proclivity towards certain cultural doesn’t assure smooth integration, thanks to not fully integrated world yet. Although, we try to assimilate proper knowledge via internet for do’s and don’ts, even many prefer to learn German language prior and every other aspect that we could procure from all sources in hand for the best of adaption, thus imitating many multinationals on how to become “more German than German”!, notwithstanding, remember even many International organizations (Walmart as model) were not successfully able to adapt, so the distance to travel along this path varies as according to personal flexibility and adaptation characteristics.

U PATH: “Upstairs” synonym of administration. A new administrative setup awaits us, whether at Frankfurt School or Government level, having probable variability with respect to our home country, we affirmatively are all abide to follow it, although, by contrast to cultural path, this path is fixed to follow on basis of well defined set of laws but deviations along path would certainly lead to elimination. Even elitist of the Global organizations travelled a lot distance along this certain path, think of Microsoft in China!

R PATH: The realization (awareness) path, more specifically, to ensure competitive edge by an aspirant to other aspirants by knowledge set based on their past academics or current profile, which possibly vary due to diverse international student body which Frankfurt School (MIB) attracts. I found myself travelling a long distance along this path, due to technical background and a sudden shift of interest in international business. However, proper assimilation and dissemination of knowledge in classroom among companions and professors would certainly help reduce distance to travel along this path. Extending it to international organizations, the realization by BMW car maker about limitations of electric vehicles less power driven capabilities has recently resulted in BMW’s fast, edgy 2015 i8 plug in hybrid coupe, and proper awareness by CEMEX industry in generating and distributing knowledge across various regions (divided on basis of business, geography, supply chain network et cetera) has ensured innovation when fueled with experience.

V PATH: The chaos among International students regarding Variations across Geographies creates ripples along this path, making it even much shakier than presumed. The critical concern of procuring an accommodation in a new geography make us travel a long distance along this dimension, fortunately I travelled (stressed) less distance along V path, as I acquired room at Offenbach boarding house 2, only few days after applying. The second prominent aspect that complements geographic variation is health concern, due to significant variation in climates and disease environments, distance to travel along this pathway significantly varies individual to individual, to cite, the Frankfurt’s mean annual temperature stands at 10.5 degree Celsius and 26.7 degree Celsius for Ajmer (place from where I belong  in India), it would create troubles to especially ones coming from hot or warm regions like Africa, India or Latin America and less to ones coming from colder regions like Russia, Canada or Ukraine. Lastly, I would like to focus transportation structure under V path, favorably Frankfurt (with U bahn, S bahn, trams, buses) offers state of the art transport facilities, thus less distance to travel along this aspect of V path, indicating contrast, think of International organization working in an African country abundant in resources and lacking transportation and communication facilities across geography!

E PATH: Last path to travel along but critically decisive, consider the case of one of the MIB aspirant Addis from Addis in Ethiopia, despite having profound agility for the likes of MIB aspirants at distinguished Frankfurt school, he wouldn’t been able to make his counter action in response to the reaction of selection at FS more flexible as compared to others on economic path, which eventually led him, with support of benevolent Frankfurt School management people, to organize a fund raising event creatively to pacify financial constraints mounted upon him, suggesting us that he has travelled a  long distance on economic path of Frankfurt School curve. On the same pattern, multinational from developing countries would rather prefer outsourcing before establishing open Greenfield facilities across developed geography (How Indian software firms are more inclined towards arbitration by ensuring better exploitation of low cost labor!)



A scale of hundred could be used to measure complexity or distance travelled along a path.

I would now in the state to pop the question, what’s your Frankfurt School Curve?

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