Frankfurt School at the European Financial Congress
FS Life / 23 June, 2015
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MBA class of 2015
Falco used to be a MBA student at Frankfurt School and graduated in 2015.

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The EFC-academy is an initiative of the European Financial Congress addressed to students of European universities. By submitting an essay well before the congress, the 5 Frankfurt School students Alexander Zatylkov, Matheus Lima, Philipp Höfer, Selcuk Kes and Falco Hartenfelser did not only fulfill the entry requirements for participation, but were considered with their work in the publicized anthology “What would we change in Europe?”. Especially Philip Höfer excelled with his approach and was invited to present his ideas before the congress in an Oxford-style debate in front of the whole academy.

Taking the whole European complexity and its markets into account

The European Financial Congress itself deals with the European Union’s safety and stability, focuses with debates on good solutions for the joint success of the EU and its member states. The Congress’ objective is to identify the most current challenges faced by the modern economy as well as putting forward recommendations for their pragmatic solutions. With well-known incorporated corporate partners such as KPMG, EY, Accenture, Deloitte and MasterCard and famous Polish politicians, the congress started on June 22nd with different plenary debates about e.g.

  • Moral hazards on financial markets
  • The general geopolitical situation
  • Membership in the Eurozone

on a truly high scale.

Recommendations and the way forward

However, it is quite interesting to see corporate executives as well as politicians arguing live about things that matter regarding our future and also our professions. As Poland is not part of the Eurozone yet, especially this topic and the change of ideas on that were quite inspiring and enlightening in terms of gaining a new perspective. Furthermore, for us students it is a great opportunity to build a network with other international students as well to gain some business-related contacts.

The congress will be continuing with smaller debates of special interest topics such as retail banking, digitalisation and interest policy on Tuesday. The end of the congress on Wednesday is dedicated to summing up the developed insights into a general recommendation made by the congress. To create a full circle, this is also where the EFC-academy members can bring in their final recommendations towards the senior congress participants. As these two days are just about to happen, Selcuk Kes will set up another blog post very soon to inform you about the latest developments and further insights.