From US to Germany: My experience as an international student in Frankfurt
Master in Management / 15 October, 2019
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Master in Management Class of 2020
Leah is a Master in Management student in the strategy & organisation concentration and is part of Frankfurt School's ambassador programme.

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I will be the first to admit, that Frankfurt doesn’t come up on a top 10 list of where one should vacation in Europe. Much of Frankfurt’s beautiful architecture was destroyed in the war, which allowed for rebuilding with modern architecture and large commercial properties. It’s a financial hub, being the home of the European Central Bank and the European headquarters for some of the world’s largest banks. Not only does it provide a great job market post-graduation, however it’s filled with remarkable restaurants, trendy shops, and noteworthy museums; which makes for some of my favorite things about living here.

The fact that it is not over-run with tourists like other German cities is what makes it so livable to me. I love meeting up with my friends and going to one of the year-round street festivals, or having a picnic by the famous Main river. The location, along with the 3-day model allows for me to take advantage of Frankfurt’s central position and incredible airport offerings. You’ll very often find Frankfurt School students hopping over to Paris or Amsterdam for the weekend, and allowing for a greater cultural experience.

As an American international student, it was very easy for me to adjust to living in Frankfurt. Now I must say, it did take some time getting used to the small differences – everything being closed on Sundays and needing to bag my own groceries at the store. However the diverse international environment Frankfurt offers helps people from all nations instantly feel at home.

On a daily basis I come into contact with numerous people from various countries and cultures, which helps me develop as a future politician. Most of my close friends are German, but I see many friend groups filled with a mix of backgrounds. Frankfurt School also does a great job at setting up a buddy system to help new international students find accommodation, set up bank accounts, and learn how day-to-day tasks in Germany function.

Being able to study at an institution where the lectures are in English, but still feeling that I’m getting a rich international experience is my favorite thing about doing my Master’s degree at Frankfurt School. Not only will it help people interested in the banking/consulting fields, but having a Frankfurt School degree will help you branch into all fields. For example, I believe that my studies at Frankfurt School helped differentiate me from a large pool of applicants applying to the White House, where I did my summer internship. The best decision I ever made was taking the leap across the pond to continue my studies and cultivate life-long international friendships.